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Updated 11 April

AM - Two more Div 1 results in so far with Wandering Stars remaining in third despite a 4-3 loss to Yeoman T. Allstars Uni are up to fourth for now with a win over the Clifton.

11.00am - Last Div 1 result now in with the other Devon Yeoman side registering a 4-3 win and moving back into third place.

PM - Final Div 2 score in and Ship & Pelican confirm their slight rise up the table.

10 April - The top two clash in both divisions tonight which may go some way towards sorting the champions in both. Results online as received.

10.30pm - Both second place teams have won tonight, with Groom B on top of Div 1 for now and Lucombe B taking advantage of the massive Games For tally to stay top of Div 2 despite losing. The other two matches have gone 4-3 as well with no surprises yet.

11.00pm - Two more results and both Heavitree Social sides lost 5-2. Star Inn's win tightens up the bottom but still doesn't lift them from the foot of the table.

11.45pm - Eight results in so far with six 4-3 scores and some very tight games tonight. As later results tend to be because of a close match, it looks like that total may go up.

After midnight - Another result in and Groom J have kept pace with the leaders to remain in third spot in Div 2.

6 April - Division Two, Heart of Oak C v Wonford Social now confirmed as a walkover for Wonford Social, table updated.

4 April - One more result in for Division Two, with Allstars S now up to fourth just edging out Jubilee Club on legs won.

The Team Cup Final (May 1) will be held at the Heart of Oak.

3 April - Four to go with Division One still between the top two, who meet next week. Division Two is a bit more open with second and third maintaining their push and the top two meeting next week as well.

10.00pm - First results in and all going to form so far (1 just).

10.45pm - Missing three scores (possibly only two) and no changes at the top of either table tonight. A few changes lower down in both which may reverse depending on the missing scores.

11.30pm All of Division One results in and Wandering Stars now up to third. Both Heavitree Socials won tonight, first time this season.

Fixtures lists, results sheets etc. are available to download on this page (scroll down).

Older news now also at the bottom of the page.

IMPORTANT: If you are transferring to another team during the season, then please note that there is a Fourteen day clearance period in these cases.

Stowey Arms now operating from the Seven Stars (Kennford) as the Wandering Stars.


Wednesday 10 April

Division One
Heavitree Social B 2 Allstars Z 5 5 12
AllStars Exeter University 5 Clifton Inn 2 11 8
Wandering Stars 3 Devon Yeoman T 4 8 10
Devon Yeoman 4 Heart of Oak B 3 9 7
Star Inn 5 Heavitree Social A 2 11 8
Horse & Groom B 4 AllStars C 3 8 7
Division Two
Wonford Social Club 1 Horse & Groom J 6 3 13
Ship & Pelican 5 Heart of Oak C 2 12 7
Heart of Oak A 4 Lucombe Oak B 3 10 7
Lucombe Oak A 3 Jubilee Club 4 6 10
Heart of Oak D 4 Seven Stars 3 10 10
AllStars S 4 Black Horse A 3 9 6


Wednesday 17 April

Division One
Heavitree Social A v Horse & Groom B
Heart of Oak B v Star Inn
Devon Yeoman T v Devon Yeoman
Wandering Stars v Clifton Inn
Allstars Z v AllStars Exeter University
AllStars C v Heavitree Social B
Division Two
Seven Stars v AllStars S
Jubilee Club v Heart of Oak D
Lucombe Oak B v Lucombe Oak A
Heart of Oak C v Heart of Oak A
Horse & Groom J v Ship & Pelican
Black Horse A v Wonford Social Club

Older News

28 March - The tables have been corrected and updated, especially Division One.

27 March - After last week's break for the Cup & Plate, we are now back for the final five league matches to round off the season. Top two in Div 1 have a comfortable margin over the next pair but are not beyond reach yet. Still close amongst the three at the bottom. Div 2 is a bit tighter at the top with everything still theoretically open for the top seven whilst the bottom four are likely to keep their position swapping going.

10.00pm - Just one result in so far with Groom B on top for now.

10.50pm - Eight results in so far with only one swap of positions near the bottom of Div 1.

11.20pm - All but two Div 1 results in with still only the two teams swapping places near the bottom. No changes in Div 2 this week with the top six all winning.

Gone midnight - Last two results in and only the one further change to the Div 1 table.

20 March - Cup and Plate action ahead with the semi-finals of the Cup and the Team Plate final taking place tonight. Results online as received.

9.30pm - Groom B beat Groom J in the first of the semis to report in.

10.30pm - Second semi was won by Allstars X who will Join Groom B in the final in May. The Team Plate has been won by the Jubilee Club with a win over Heart of Oak D.

13 March - Round 17 tonight before a break for most of you whilst we sort out the Team Cup & Plate next week. Results online as received tonight.

9.45pm - First results in with Jubilee Club making sure that Wonford Social stay at the bottom of Div 2 and Heart of Oak D inflicting similar damage on Lucombe Oak A.

10.30pm - A few more results in with the top Div 1 sides maintaining their form whilst Lucombe B have a rare slip in Div 2 against the only side to beat them so far this season.

11.15pm - All results now in with a few movements in both tables although the top of both remains the same.

6 March - First league meeting this season for everyone tonight as this is the return fixture of the one that was postponed in November. Some interesting top half clashes in both divisions tonight although Devon Yeoman v Allstars C is postponed, giving Groom B the chance to put the presssure on. Top six in Div 2 all playing amongst themselves which will either sort out the 'logjam' or make it even worse. Results online as received.

10.30pm - Half the results in for both divisions with no changes to the top of either so far. In Division Two the top three variously beat the next three to pull away a bit.

11.00pm - One result to come in each division with little movement in Div 1 but quite a bit in the lower half of Div 2 so far.

11.30pm - Last Div 2 result in and Seven Stars have sent Wonford Club to the bottom (just) after a tight match. Allstars S up to fifth after their win.

11.45pm - Last Div 1 result now in and no changes to that table this week.

29 February - One of the two missing Division One results in so far this morning, with a narrow win for Wandering Stars over Devon Yeoman.

Late morning - Final result in and Heart of Oak B maintain their mid table position. Minimal movement in the tables this week.

28 February - Another month nearly over as we head into the fifteenth matches of the season. Quite a few top half v bottom half clashes tonight which, with the way some of the lower clubs are performing recently, could give us a few interesting results.

10.15pm - Two results from each division so far, one close and one...

10.30pm - Two more Div 2 results in with another big scoring win.

11.00pm - A third Div 1 result in with the 100% record remaining in place for Allstars C. Top five three of Div 2 still the same with Jubilee up to fourth.

Midnightish - Good job I don't have to get up early for work anymore. All of Division Two results in with minimal effect on the table. Still two results to come for Division One.

23 February - Final Div 2 result in and Ship & Pelican leap up three places with their win over Lucombe A.

22 February - Final Division One result is in with AllStars University closing on Devon Yeoman. Only one more Division Two result to come (affecting the bottom 4 places) as I somehow overlooked the Wonford-Oak D result last night.

21 February - AllStars Z v Horse & Groom B is off tonight as AllStars Z cannot raise a side, match may be claimed. AllStars C will need to win on their trip to Kennford to maintain the Div 1 top spot.

Lucombe B stay ahead in Div 2.

11.00pm - Three results to go with no major changes so far.

20 February - Draw for Wednesday Team Cup semis now online. Plate Final venue confirmed as the Devon Yeoman.

19 February - The Stowey Arm saga continues. They are now moving to the Seven Stars, Kennford, and will operate from there for the rest of the season. This sounds like it could be a permanent move. Fixtures, etc, will be updated when the name is confirmed - have suggested "Wandering Stars".

Seems they like it so "Wandering Stars" it is.

15 February - Last two Division Two results in and tables updated. Devon Yeoman T the biggest movers in Division One with Lucombe Oak A even bigger climbers in Division Two.

14 February - Because of venue problems tonight, a couple of matches (@ Royal Oak and Seven Stars) were played last night. AllStars Z v Star Inn is a reversed fixture.

10.00pm - Three results in so far tonight including a walkover

11.00pm - Most of Division One in whilst only half of Division Two. No movement in Div 1 but a bit of shuffling in Div 2 so far.

Midnight - All of Div One in, couple to go from Div Two.

12 February - The Stowey Arms captain has informed us that "the pub can no longer accommodate a pool team" so they are relocating back to the Royal Oak and will operate under that name for the rest of the season. Fixtures have been changed accordingly.

7 February - Team Cup & Plate action tonight with Sunday proving that league form means nothing in the cup, so no predictions.

9.30pm - First result in and one that has gone to form.

10.30pm - Couple more results in now, matches are getting a bit closer.

10.45pm - Last two Cup results in, just the one Plate score to come.

11.15pm - Second (and final) Plate score is in with all tonight's results pretty much to form, unlike Sunday.

1 February - The final Div 2 result is in with a narrow win for Horse & Groom J which moves them up to third.

31 January - January nearly over already with tonight's twelth round of league matches before a break for the Cup & Plate next week.

9.45pm - First result in.

10.15pm - Five results in so far, including one that took two attempts to get right! No major movements in either table yet, including Division One where Star Inn won again but can't quite lift themselves off of bottom spot.

11.00pm - 9 results in of 12 and one Div 2 score can make a bit of a difference in that table. Not too much movement in Div 1.

26 January - Final score in and tables updated.

25 January - Final Division One result in, just the two Div Two scores to go.

17.00 - One of the two missing scores in and Lucombe Oak A doubling their league points tally.

24 January - We start the return fixture set tonight but haven't really reached the halfway point as we still have the outstanding 29 November fixtures to tack on the end of the season. At least we will be numerically halfway through the matches.

Should see a slight clearing of the Division Two logjam with four of the six teams on 14 points playing each other tonight.

9.45pm - Ship & Pelican failed to appear at the Wonford Club tonight so Wonford get an awarded win.

10.30pm - Quite a burst of results in now, tables being worked on.

11.30pm - Three results still to come, tables up-to-date.

11.55pm - One Div 2 result to come, which affects eight table placings. All Div 1 scores in and table up to date.

22 January - Venues confirmed for the Wednesday Plate semis, please see fixtures.

19 January - Final result in and tables updated.

17 January - Last week we had reported to us that there was an incident after a match where a landlord had to eject a player for drug taking on the premises. As a League we do not tolerate this behaviour and consequently will immediately ban any player involved in such an incident, now or in the future, for a sixteen week minimum. We fully stand by licencees in any action they have to take in such instances.

10.15pm - First two results in and Groom J not being too bothered by their long away trip tonight.

11.00pm - Only two scores left and quite a bit of jostling in the tables tonight.

10 January - Back to league action tonight as we head towards next week's halfway point of the season (would have been if we had not postponed a week!). One of the 100% records will go tonight as the top two in Division One clash, and I am sure that Star Inn would like a win as well! Top two in Division Two meeting as well.

10.00pm - Lucombe B stay top after their win with Heart of Oak D not quite managing to take second spot.

10.30pm - Allstars C now top of Division One.

11.00pm - Star Inn have got rid of their 100% record and finally won a match this season! Only Allstars C to be beaten sometime.

11.15pm - Last results in and not a lot of change to the tables tonight come the end.

3 January - After that concise break it's back to the action tonight with the Team Cup & Plate.

A few interesting games tonight, wouldn't like to bet on many overall though. Results online as received.

9.30pm - 4 results in so far with one walkover.

10.30pm - Few more results in with a couple of 2-1, seventh game wins.

11.00pm - All the Plate scores in and looking like a good night to travel in both competitions so far.

11.45pm - All results in now with half the matches going to 4-3 tonight.

20 December - Last matches of 2023 tonight before a short break. Top vs bottom in Division One tonight with a couple of top half clashes in Two, especially Heart of Oak A vs close neighbours, Jubilee Club.

11.15pm - Not a lot of changes so far tonight, top & bottom of both divisions still the same.

11.55pm - All results in and a few changes outside of the top and bottom of both tables tonight.

14 December - Final result in and Stowey Arms go up to fifth, heading the middle bunch, with no changes to the top or bottom four in Division One. Second and third have swapped in Division Two, as well as the bottom two.

13 December- Two to go until the Christmas break. Can anyone pull out a lead in either division, especially Division Two?

10pm - Three results in with Groom B still on top of One and Oak A on top of Two for now.

11.20pm - One Div 1 result still to come. Top of both divisions still the same as last week with little other movement. Quite tight in several places in both divisions.

7 December - Last two results in from Division Two and Ship & Pelican swap places with the Seven Stars after a close battle.

6 December - Back to league action tonight after the postponement we wish we hadn't had to make.

10.30 - First three results in and no changes at the top for Division One this week. Top Two in Division Two both need a win to stay where they are.

11.20pm - Both Div 2 leaders lost tonight with Lucombe B just clinging on to top spot and Heart of Oak D climbing up to second. Bottom of Two separated by two frames only.

27 NovemberJust a reminder that we have postponed all matches this coming Wednesday as a mark of respect to our dearly missed friend Dave Layfield.

23 November - Neither of the final two results have caused any changes in the tables although both third placed teams now have a 2 point buffer.

22 November- After the cup excitement last week (for most of you), it's back to League action tonight. Can our table leaders maintain their impressive start to the season and will anybody leap out of the bottom six in Division Two?

One result from each division still to come, neither of which will affect the top two places of either division.

16 November - As Dave Layfield's funeral will be on Wednesday 29th November and knowing that a lot of you will be attending, the committee have decided that, as a mark of respect, we are postponing all matches on that day. These will be played at the end of the season (24 April) with the Wednesday Finals going back a week to accommodate.

Final result in this morning.

15 November - Cup games tonight for two thirds of you, Results online as received.
11.40pm - all the results in so far.

9 November - All the results are in and table updated. Same top two in both divisions with changes at the bottom of both as well.

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