Latest Wednesday News

Results, etc, updated 22 March

23 March - All matches on. Results online as received.

1 March - Seven Stars v Wonford Social Club off tonight as is Green Gables v Queens Head.

15 February - Heart of Oak B v Devon Yeoman postponed as Heart of Oak side ill.

31 January - Locomotive Inn B have now withdrawn from Division Two, scores removed and table updated. Bye to be inserted into fixtures in their place.

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Fixtures lists, results sheets and a newsletter detailing changes and procedures are available to download on this page (scroll down).

Couple of changes to Wednesday following the AGM.

The format for Wednesday has changed to put the doubles at the end, so the format is now FIVE singles followed by TWO doubles, all best of three. The start time has also been changed to 7.30pm but the requirement for the number of players to be in attendance within fifteen minutes, i.e. now 7.45pm, has been reduced to three.


Wednesday 22 March

Division One
Heavitree Social A 3 Star Inn 4 9 9
Seven Stars 4 Exeter Snooker Club 3 9 7
Devon Yeoman 3 Clifton Inn 4 9 9
Wonford Inn BYE
Allstars Z 4 Heavitree Social B 3 9 7
Heart of Oak B 1 Heart of Oak A 6 8 12
Wonford Social Club 3 Royal Oak 4 8 11
Division Two
BYE Jubilee Social Club
Horse & Groom B 6 Green Gables 1 13 4
Horse & Groom M 3 The Lucombe Oak 4 7 10
BYE Horse & Groom J
The Queens Head Hotel BYE
AllStars Exeter University 1 AllStars J 6 5 13
Black Horse 2 Horse & Groom X 5 6 10


Wednesday 29 March

Division One
Heart of Oak A v Heavitree Social A
Heavitree Social B v Heart of Oak B
BYE v Allstars Z
Royal Oa v Wonford Inn
Clifton Inn v Wonford Social Club
Exeter Snooker Club v Devon Yeoman
Star Inn v Seven Stars
Division Two
AllStars J v BYE
BYE v AllStars Exeter University
Horse & Groom v The Queens Head Hotel
Horse & Groom X v BYE
The Lucombe Oak v Black Horse
Green Gables v Horse & Groom M
Jubilee Social Club v Horse & Groom B

Older Wednesday News

25 January - Heart of Oak A unable to raise a side so match off, Star Inn claiming game. Locomotive Inn a further no-show so match claimed by Green Gables.

18 January - Lucombe Oak v Loco B awarded as Loco were no-show. Horse & Groom M v Horse & Groom J off as most of M team have flu (or something). First game at the Green Gables tonight for the relocated St Thomas Cricket Club side.

29 December - Jubilee Club v St Thomas Cricket Club have played their postponed match tonight. Table updated.

28 December - St Thomas Cricket Club have relocated to the Green Gables and will play the rest of the season as the Green Gables. Fixture lists have been updated.

22 December - Jubilee Club v St Thomas Cricket Club off as St Thomas CC have succumbed to the flu this week. (Update (22-12) - match claimed by Jubilee Club. Update (24-12) Match unclaimed and being played next week.). Wonford Social Club v AllStars Z venue reversed.

14 December - Horse & Groom B have a walkover with Locomotive Inn B for whatever reason. Match awarded 4-0/8-0 as usual. AllStars Z v Wonford Inn postponed.

AllStars Z v Wonford Inn is off tonight as most of the Wonford team are ill and cannot raise a side. The Black Horse v St Thomas Cricket Club fixture has had a venue swap tonight owing to damage to the Black Horse table. Will be played at the Black Horse 19 April.

5 October - Breaking news is that the Locomotive Inn have only been able to form one team and have taken the Locomotive B fixtures. Locomotive Inn A is now a BYE in the fixtures. Was only informed of this tonight so apologies for the short notice. Fixtures have been updated.

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