Exeter Pool League.
C/o The Clifton Inn
Exeter EX1 2BR
P: 07837 049991

Direct to the League

For general enquiries please use our general email address - or telephone or text to 07837 049991.

This phone is presently held by the Fixtures Secretary, is usually monitored once a day (weekday evenings), all day Sunday and might be carried on Wednesdays. However my work is such that I am unavailable to take calls before 5.30pm. A text would be better anyway.

Emails are monitored during the day but if I am out on the road, there may be a delay before I see them.

For fixture, registration or other match queries please either email or use the above number to text or phone.

For competition queries email Chris Yardley via

For complaints/disciplinary matters please put your complaint in writing, within seven days of the incident, to the Disciplinary Secretary via the address below.

Generally, for contact by mail please address correspondence to the relevant Secretary  c/o The Clifton Inn, Clifton Road, Exeter, EX1 2BR.

Contacting other teams

Owing to a general lack of enthusiasm to allow us publish contact details we have come up with an email based system which will allow teams to be contacted without revealing personal details of who is on the receiving end.

Emails to these addresses will be forwarded to a team contact who will have to opportunity to reply using the team address (assuming they have set it up). A copy also forwards to the league when incoming although not outgoing. As most inter-team communication is to rearrange matches, this will keep the League informed as well.
Forwarding addresses can be altered, added to or removed at any time, just email us to get things changed. Please note that at present the forwarding addresses are either Team Contacts from the latest registration forms or team members who we have an address for if no email details given otherwise.
Forwarding addresses will be removed at the end of each season and a new set used subsequently though probably many will be the same.

These are the team email addresses for this season.


Allstars A
Bishop Blaize
Bowling Green
Exeter Inn
Exeter Snooker Club
Horse & Groom A
Horse & Groom B
Horse & Groom C
Railway Club St Thomas
Stowey Arms

Allstars A
Allstars Z
Clifton Inn
Devon Yeoman
Exeter Snooker Club A
Exeter Snooker Club B
Half Moon
Heart of Oak A
Heart of Oak B
Heavitree Social Club A
Heavitree Social Club B
Horse & Groom
Kings Z
Lucombe Oak
St Anne's Well
Seven Stars
Stowey Arms
Village Inn A
Village Inn B
Wonford Inn

Links to the various forms.

If you require any of the following forms, please click on the link to download a pdf copy.

Extra signing form

Result Sheets

Mailbox Setup Guide For email contacts use (NB. 1.9Mb download)

Some useful links

World Eightball Pool Federation Rules

Has the latest version of the World Rules for download (also in our Rules section).

The English Pool Association

This site has a lot of interesting information with downloads available of the World Rules, and the Referees Guidance Notes.

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