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Updated 7 April

The final match of the Sunday season tonight with the Team Cup Final. Can Allstars prevent Horse & Groom D from doing the double?

After a hard fought battle, Groom D have beaten Allstars 4-1 to take the double this season. Congratulations to them.

Thanks to all players, and especially their venues, for their continued support this season. We will be hopefully looking forward to at least six teams next winter, with maybe some other venues as well, to be able to continue our Sunday night fun. We will be back in touch to let you know about the 2024-25 season in the coming months. Enjoy your Summer break, I know I will!

31 March - Happy Easter!

25 March - Two Golden Frames last night with Groom D just overcoming Royal Oak whilst Groom N managed to beat Railway Club to secure fifth place. Allstars beat Groom S in the other match to leave the table unchanged for the eleventh week.

A short break now for Easter then it's the Cup Final and a nice 5-6 month break before we see if we have enough teams to have a league next winter, hopefully with some additional venues.

24 March - The final matches of the 2023-2024 are upon us with Royal Oak needing a to beat Groom D to get off the bottom spot, no pressure there then! Groom N have a similar problem with the visit of Railway Club whilst Groom S and Allstars are comfortable in the middle of the table.

Older news and the forms downloads are at the bottom of the page.

IMPORTANT: If you are transferring to another team during the season, then please note that there is a Fourteen day clearance period in these cases.

A "Golden Frame" win is classed as a 4-3 win.


Sunday 7 April

Team Cup Final

AllStars X 1
Horse & Groom D
@ Railway Club


Season completed

Sunday 21 April

Competition registration, 7-8pm @ Allstars

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Older Sunday News

17 March - Two to go, and can Royal Oak maintain their run of form or will Railway Club edge closer to confirming second spot?

11.30pm - Groom D have overcome Groom S so Railway Club's win over Royal Oak confirms their second place. Allstars X maintain their form to make sure the fight for the bottom (or not) will go to the last week.

10 March - Three to go with the battle now for second place.

The battle goes on as both second place candidates won again. Good win for Royal Oak to edge closer to getting off the bottom.

4 March - Final result is in and with Royal Oak getting their third win of the season (all away), Horse & Groom D are now uncatchable at the top. The fight is now on for second and bottom places.

3 March - Into March and the rundown to the season's end. Will Allstars X v Railway end in a "Golden Frame" for the fourth time? Will Royal Oak manage another away win and can Groom D edge a bit closer to the title?

It was another "Golden Frame" but Allstars X kept up the momentum from last week to notch up another win. Groom D have pretty well wrapped things up, just need the last result to confirm either way (was at the venue as well!).

25 February - End of February and into the last quarter of the Sunday Season.
The two second place battlers meet for the last time this season, can the Railway Club maintain their slim advantage?
The bottom two also meet, it took a "Golden Frame to separate them last time.
Results online when I get back from the pub.

Another win for Groom N to keep Royal Oak on the bottom for now. Groom S have yet another "Golden Frame" win to maintain their record whilst a depleted Allstars X break their GF record with a win over Groom D. Still four weeks before we can confirm everything.

18 February - Three quarters of the way through the season tonight with the top two enjoying home advantage. Groom N have had two weeks of "Golden Frames, will it be a third?

11.30pm - No, although with Allstar X notching up a win, there are no changes to the table tonight (sixth week in a row).

Updated 11 February - Back to league action tonight. Will it be three away wins like earlier in the season?

11.50pm - Again, no, because of two Golden Frames with Horse & Groom S maintaining their 100% record (and giving Horse & Groom D their first defeat of the season). Allstars X maintain their record with Horse & Groom N beating them using the other Golden Frame.

Updated 4 February - Semis of the Team Cup tonight with one of each pair having not beaten the other all season, could that change tonight?

10.45pm - Obviously yes! Allstars X have beaten Railway Club A whilst Groom D needed a "Golden Frame" to beat Royal Oak.

Updated 28 January - The top two clash again tonight, will Groom D remain unbeaten or will it be unlucky 13?

Late-ish - Unlucky for the Railway club as Groom D continue their dominance. Groom S maintain their Golden Frame record. AllStars X creeping up on the top three a bit as well. No change to the table order tonight though.

Updated 22 January - Venues now confirmed for the Sunday Cup semi-finals.
Tables now updated with no changes from last week. AllStars X have maintained their 100% Golden Frame record with another narrow loss.

21 January - As the corresponding matches from the first half of the season produced two Golden Frames, I suspect it will be close tonight as well. Can the Royal Oak finally get off the bottom spot?

Midnight - Later than expected, here are tonight's results, tables to follow.

15 January - Scores in the correct places now! Tables correct.

14 January - Second and third meet tonight so one will finish two points ahead of the other as we commence the second half of the season.

11.15pm - Eventually, as I am trying to do this on a laptop up here on Tyneside, here are the results for the night. Royal Oak have won the bottom two clash, but stay on the bottom whilst Railway Club ease away in second. Groom D still top.

7 January - After tonight's matches we will be halfway through the season already. Will the top three stay well ahead or can the bottom half finish a bit closer? Scores online as received.

First time in the pub this year for various reasons, consequently results and table online eventually, no changes though! Horse & Groom S maintaining their Golden Frame record.

31 December - Hoping you all had a good Christmas and wishing you all a Happy New Year, enjoy this evening!

17 December - Final Sunday games of the year tonight (and nearly halfway through the season too.) Top two clashing again!

11.25 pm - Groom S not happy that they cannot beat Groom D, can anybody? Allstars X consolidate their fourth spot with another win. Railway back up to second as well.

10 December - Penultimate matches of 2023 tonight with the top two clashing (and third v fourth, fifth v sixth again).

11.30pm - Groom D still on top after a Golden Frame with Groom S now up to second after their win.

Just after midnight and the third result is in with Allstars X climbing up a place.

4 December - Later than anticipated, here are the results from last night with AllStars X needing the Golden Frame to beat Groom N.

3 December - Quick break from league action for the Sunday Team Cup tonight.

26 November - Week seven and the top three are playing against the bottom three tonight. Can any of the bottom three close the gap?

Not tonight!!

19 November - Railway have overtaken Groom S with Royal Oak still bottom and Groom N now up to fourth after a close, Golden Frame battle. Groom D still unbeaten.

Two of the top three home tonight, can the Railway close on Groom S and who will prop up the table later?

12 November - A quarter of the way through the League season tonight with everyone having met once. Will the top two swap again?

11pm - No changes to the order at all tonight, just the top three easing a bit further away.

5 November - Fireworks tonight with the top two clashing (plus third v fourth and fifth v sixth)
Looks like it was a good night to be away from home!

29 October - All three results in and Royal Oak have leapt up the table with their win whilst Groom S make it the third different Horse & Groom team on top in three weeks.

22 October - Two "Golden Frames" tonight, things are really close this season.

15 October - All three results in and a "Golden Frame" finish to one match already this season.

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