Wednesday 23 January

Team Cup Matches

Exeter Snooker Club B 5 2 Village Inn
Allstars A 3 4 Kings Z
Allstars DT 4 0 Devon Yeoman
Clifton Inn 4 2 Allstars Z


Sunday 6 January 2019

Team Cup Matches

Horse & Groom B 2 3 Heavitree Social Club
Stowey Arms B 2 3 Exeter Snooker Club
Horse & Groom C 3 0 Stowey Arms A
Allstars A 3 1 Horse & Groom A


Wednesday 28 November


Prelim round

Players to be at venue by 7.45pm.

All matches best of five frames

@ Horse & Groom
Colin Wheeler  3 Brad Irvine  0
Jon Shervington  0 Nick Eggleton  3
David Watkins  1 Garrett Soper  3
@ Village Inn
Mark Barrett  3 Sean Redmond  0
Mike Collman  3 Jamie Broomhall  0
@ Devon Yeoman
Jo Guscott  1 Andy Richardson  3
Traci Wannell  3 Ricky Draper  0

All other entered players have a Bye to the next round.

All competition entries will be on the entries page. Please check carefully and notify us of any errors/omissions.

The draws and venues for the various competitions will be on the Competition Fixtures page starting with the singles prelims.

Please note that all competition games are best of five frames except Team Cup competitions which are played to normal league format for Wednesday Cup and old format (three singles plus two doubles) for Sunday Cup games.

The following was agreed at the 2015 AGM for the Competitions.

Entry fees

£3 per player for Individual competition.

£5 per pair for Doubles competition.

£1 per player for mixed doubles, captains, ladies (therefore £2 per mixed doubles team) as previously.

Landlords/landladies free entry as before.

Prizes for Individuals and Doubles will be 70/30 split of pot after trophy costs deducted.

The full schedule of rounds for all competitions will be published as soon as possible after the forms are received and processed. All venues to be confirmed two weeks before each round (as drawn).