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Please note that sometimes there are result updates posted without any comment here, so do check the appropriate section for up-to-date information.

19 June - Last Eight of the Captains tonight, where we will get to know who is going through to the 'Semis and Final' night in three weeks time.

8.50pm - Results are in for the two matches held at the Lucombe Oak.

14 June - We have finally got the missing results from Wednesday along with the draw for the Individuals Last 8. Details on the Competition pages.

12 June - It's back to the Individuals tonight where 32 hopefuls will be reduced to last eight. Results online later as received.

9.20pm - A couple of sets of results in, with a double "no show" for one match.

10.05pm - Third set of results in now, five more to go.

10.20pm - Three more sets of results have come in.

10.55pm - Another set of results in, just the one lot to go.

7 June - The draw for the semi-finals of the Pairs (June 26th) is on the Competitions pages.

5 June - Last sixteen of the Pairs tonight. Results online as received.

9.20pm - First set of results in, with all three matches completed at the Horse & Groom already.

9.55pm - Results in from the Heart of Oak with another pair through to the Semis/Final night

11.00pm - The final two sets of results have come in so we now know the four Pairs ready to battle it out at the end of the month.

29 May - The opening round of the third of our Competitions as we reach the Captains Cup. One Bye tonight as there were only fifteen entries. Results online as received.

9.00pm - We have four of the last eight of the Captains decided. Rest online as received.

9.10pm - Fifth result came in as the previous updates were being uploaded!

10.05pm - Both Lucombe Oak results now in, only one more score to come tonight.

10.30pm - The last result is in and the draw for the next round will probably not be too far away.

11.30pm - As expected, the draw for the next round of the Captains has been made and is up on the various Competitions pages.

23 May - 00.30am and the final two results are in. May well have the draw for the next round by the morning.

11.00am - Have received the draw for the last 32 of the Individuals. You can find it on the various Competitions pages

22 May - Individuals Prelims tonight, results online as received.

9.15pm - Most results in so far, only four left to go. Several walkovers tonight.

11.00pm - Another result in, three still to go.

Midnight - One more result has come in, just need the other two scores from the Heart of Oak.

17 May - Our super efficient Competitions Secretary has already sent in the draw for the next round of the Pairs. It is on the various Competitions pages as usual

16 May - The other two results are in from the final venue now.

15 May - The start of a couple of months of Competitions tonight with the Pairs prelims. Results online later.

The website has been tweaked so will look a bit different from usual although nothing much has moved. Hopefully nothing has broken either.

9.50pm - Results in from two of the three venues so far.

12 May - After a welcome break, this coming Wednesday we launch the Competitions season with the prelims for the Pairs.

1 May - It's the Wednesday Team Cup Final tonight with Horse & Groom B hoping to do the 'double' by beating Allstars Z.

9.45pm - The email was in nearly an hour ago with Groom B wrapping up the season with a 4-0 win over Allstars Z.

11.25pm - The outstanding league result is in with Allstars C winning 5-2 to tie on points but coming up six 'Games For' adrift. With Division Two finishing similarly tight, it could be very interesting in Division One next winter.

This wraps up the League season for this winter, we hope you have enjoyed yourselves, despite the season not going too well in a few cases. Nobody dropped out anyway! We should be back in action around early October, hopefully with at least six Sunday teams!

The Pairs Prelims are on May 15 with various competitions every Wednesday until 17 July, after which we can all have a few weeks off.

28 April - Just the Wednesday Team Cup Final to go now to wrap up the 2023-24 season (plus the outstanding postponed match which won't affect the table regardless). After that we have a short break before ten Wednesdays of the various Cup competitions, starting on 15 May with the Pair prelims.

24 April - The final matches of the season are here (for most of you anyway).

Allstars University have had to forfeit their match tonight which should give Horse & Groom B the Division One title. The bottom is still any two of the three going down, depending on the results tonight.

Division Two will depend on the results as well as any of the top three could theoretically take the title, whilst Lucombe Oak A take the Wooden Spoon regardless. Results online as received.

9.45pm - A few results in so far and all three results are from matches where raising a full side has been difficult for the losing sides.

10.15pm - All three results now listed (oops!) as well as another confirming Lucombe Oak B taking the Division Two title.

11.00pm - Heart of Oak A have won (just) to take second spot in Div 2 with Groom J winning again in third. Allstars C have convincingly won the first of their two battles with Devon Yeoman in Div 1 giving Wandering Stars a chance for third spot.

11.30pm - The final Div 1 result is in with Wandering Stars confirming third spot (and Star Inn bottom).

After midnight and Allstars S wrap up the Division Two season with a 4-3 win over Ship and Pelican.

22 April - The entries were received and the draws have been made for the first rounds of the Pairs, Individuals and Captains Cups for this year. Details on the Competitions pages.

21 April - Final reminder! Entry forms for the Individuals, Pairs and Captains competitions have to be handed to Brad Irvine at Allstars between 7 and 8pm tonight. Entries will only be accepted at this time and venue, if you have left them at the Groom then please note that you will have to ensure that they get to Allstars tonight yourself. The draws for the various competitions will be made tonight so, if your form is not there, you will not be entered.

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