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Please note that sometimes there are result updates posted without any comment here, so do check the appropriate section for up-to-date information.

23 February - Final Division Two result in with Ship & Pelican benefitting from their win over Lucombe Oak A with a three place climb up the table from bottom.

22 February - Final Division One result in with no changes to the table. Still one result to come from Division Two that affects the bottom four places.

21 February - Round 14 and AllStars Z cannot raise a side for their match against Horse & Groom, so that game may be claimed. Rest of the results online as received.

Will have some news about the Singles/Doubles/Captains Competitions later.

10.00pm - Just the one result in so far and another win for Lucombe Oak B.

10.30pm - Four more results in, table being updated.

11.00pm - Three results to go, tables updated so far, top two the same in both divisions. Singles/Doubles/Captains Competitions will hopefully be going ahead this season. Provisional dates are on the Competition Entries page, entries will be due in on 1 May at the Cup Final night.

20 February - The draw for the semis of the Wednesday Team Cup is now online in the Cup & Fixtures sections. Plate Final is also listed and the venue is confirmed as the Devon Yeoman.

19 February - Further developments in the Stowey Arms saga. After a forced temporary move to the Royal Oak last week, they have now found refuge at the Seven Stars and will operate from there from now on. We have threatened to call them the Wandering Stars if they don't give us a better name. Fixtures, tables and results will be updated accordingly.

PM - Wandering Stars it is (their choice).

18 February - Round 15 of 20 tonight. Will Groom N have a third week of "Golden Frame" action?

11.30pm - Unfortunately no, although Allstars X have managed another win and Groom D... .

15 February - Last Two Division Two results in with Lucombe Oak A rising to 9th with a welcome win.

14 February - A couple of matches played last night with no effect on the tables. What will tonight's games do.

10.00pm - Three results in tonight so far with one of them a walkover.

11.00pm - Four results to go with the top of both divisions not changing tonight.

Midnight - All of Div 1 in, two to go from Div 2.

12 February - We have been informed that "the Stowey Arms can longer accommodate a pool team" so the team are moving around the corner to the Royal Oak and will play as the Royal Oak for the rest of the season. Fixtures, tables and results have been updated accordingly.

11 February - Back to Sunday league action tonight. Was three away wins earlier in the season.

Midnight - Not tonight, with two "Golden Frames" turning things around and giving Horse & Groom D their first defeat of the season (and Groom S maintaining their 100% GF record).

7 February - Wednesday Team Cup and Plate tonight with some interesting clashes that may again prove that league form means nothing.

9.30pm - First result in, totally to form!

10.30pm - Two more results in, still to form but matches getting closer.

10.45pm - Last two Cup results in, just the final Plate score to come.

11.15pm - Final Plate result in and Jubilee Club will play Heart of Oak D for the Plate this season.

4 February - Sunday Team Cup semis tonight, will there be any upsets?

10.50pm - Nearly in both matches. Groom D have scraped through on a "Golden Frame" whilst Allstars X have edged Railway Club 4-2.

1 February - Final Division 2 result in and table finally updated, with six of the top seven still very close.

31 January - Wednesday round 12 tonight with the Cup & Plate next week.

9.45pm - One result in so far.

10.15pm - Four more results in.

11.00pm - Nine of twelve results in and the Div 2 results to come can make quite a difference to the table.

11.55pm - All but one Division Two score in, affecting eight table places! All of Division One in and table up to date.

28 January - Sunday round 13, who will it be unlucky for tonight?

Midnight - Results tonight not all quite as expected!

26 January - Final Division Two score in and table updated.

25 January - Missing Division One result in so far this morning, just awaiting the two Division Two scores to sort the top end of that division out.

17.00 - One of the two missing results in with a win for Lucombe Oak A.

24 January - Numerically the end of the first half of the season but actually the start of the return fixtures tonight owing to the 29 November postponement. At least tonight we won't finish with half of Division Two on the same points again.

10.30pm - Half the results in so far. Tables being worked on.

11.30pm - Still awaiting three results.

22 January - Venues for the semi-finals of the Sunday Cup and Wednesday Plate have been confirmed and are now listed in the fixtures.

21 January - Back in Mission Control this week so, hopefully, the scores will get in the right places.

Midnight - Scores online, tables to follow when a minor problem is sorted.

19 January - Final result in and tables updated.

17 January - Last week we had reported to us that there was an incident after a match where a landlord had to eject a player for drug taking on the premises. As a League we do not tolerate this behaviour and consequently will immediately ban any player involved in such an incident, now or in the future, for a sixteen week minimum. We fully stand by licencees in any action they have to take in such instances.

10.15pm - First couple of results in.

10.30pm - A few more scores in.

11.00pm - Two scores to go and tables updated as far as possible.

15 January - Scores now in the correct places, tables are correct.

14 January - Presently in Newcastle so tonight's updates will be reliant on the technology all working!

11.15pm - Tonight's results finally online after a few technical problems. Hopefully none for my journey back tomorrow.

10 January - Back to league action tonight with a 'top of the table' clash in both divisions. Can both leaders maintain their positions?

10.00pm - Division Two top three still the same order with Heart of Oak A getting caught a little.

10.30pm - New Division One leaders with Allstars C beating Groom B tonight. - We now have no teams without a win this season as Star Inn finally pick two points.

11.15pm - All results now in, no further major changes to the table tonight.

9 January - The draws for the Sunday Team Cup semis, the Wednesday Team Cup Third Round and the Wednesday Team Plate semis are now online. The venues for the various semis are being confirmed and will be online when received.

7 January - Back to Sunday action and the halfway point of the season already. Can any of the bottom half finish a bit closer to the top three?

Midnightish - No!!

3 January - The hangovers should have subsided by now so it's back Cup/Plate action tonight. Results online as received as usual.

9.30pm - First four results in with one walkover.

11.00pm - A few more results in with a couple of very close results. Three scores still to come and we have already had several 4-3 scores!

11.45pm - All results in now with six of the twelve matches going to 4-3.

31 December - Hope it's a good New Year ahead for you all and that your hangover is not too bad tomorrow!

27 December - Another Christmas over with a welcome rest now before the New Year celebrations.

24 December - Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

20 December - The final matches of 2023 are upon us! Can any team pull up out of the middle of either division?

10.30pm - Results so far, nothing unexpected, still working on the tables.

11.15pm - Two results to come, each of which will affect the middle of their table. Top and bottom of both still looking familiar.

11.40pm - Just one Div 2 result to come. Bit of a shuffle in the lower half of Div 1 but still very close.

11.55pm - Last result in and Horse & Groom J up to fourth in Division Two.

17 December - A week to go until Christmas and tonight is the last Sunday matches for 2023. Can Groom D maintain their 100% record?

11.25pm - Yes is the answer. Railway back to second and AllStars X consolidate fourth.

14 December - Final result in with tables updated. Still close at the top of both divisions. The three 100% records are still intact!

13 December - Two to go before the Christmas break. Will there be any seasonal goodwill tonight?

10pm - First three results in with two affecting the top in their division.

11.30pm - All but one result in, tables updated so far. Still the same table-toppers.

10 December - Eighth round of the Sunday matches tonight with only one more round left this year. Will the bottom two swap places tonight?

11.35pm - Still waiting for the bottom two but Groom S are now up to second.

Early morning Monday - Final result in.

7 December - Final two results in and only three teams (all Div One) have a 100% record, one definitely not wanted!

6 December - Back to league action tonight. Results online as received.

10.40pm - First results in, no changes at the top yet.

11.20pm - Few more results in and the top spots still the same "just".

4 December - Results for last night finally online, with a Golden Frame needed in one match.

3 December - Cup action tonight, can more than one Horse & Groom team make it to the next round?

29 November - Owing to the funeral for Dave Layfield taking place today, all matches are postponed tonight so we can all pay our respects.

26 November - Sunday week seven with the top three looking to maintain the gap from the bottom three.

Midnight - Maintain they did, one Golden Frame amongst that though.

23 November - Final two results in with both third place teams consolidating their positions with 4-3 wins.

22 November - Back to League action tonight. Results online as received.

10pm - One result in so far, one of several 'adjacent in table' clashes tonight.

10.40pm - All but three results in now and no change at the top of either division tonight but plenty of movement in the middle.

11.20p, - Ten of the twelve results in, one from each division missing. Tables updated with scores so far.

20 November - The draws for the Second Round of the Wednesday Team Cup and the First Round of the Plate are on the Wednesday Fixtures and relevant Competitions pages.

19 November - Only five weeks to Christmas Eve, where has the year gone? Tonight, one of two league matches before the break for the Team Cup, with two more then before the Christmas break. Results online as received.

11.10 - Results updated, tables to follow soon.

11.30 - All updated!

16 November - Final Team Cup result in.

The correct Competitions page is now online which should make it easier to use!

15 November - Halfway through November and a break tonight for the Team Cup matches. Results online as received.

11.55pm - Back from pub, all results online as received so far.

As the sorely missed Dave Layfield's funeral will be on Wednesday 29th November and knowing that a lot of you will be attending, the committee have decided that, as a mark of respect, we are postponing all matches on that day. These will be played at the end of the season (24 April) with the Cup Final going back a week to accommodate.

12 November - Week Five and a quarter of the way through the League fixtures already. Results online as received tonight.

11.00pm - All three results in and no movement in the tables tonight apart from the top three creeping away from the others.

9 November - 00.15am - Division One complete and table updated. Two results to follow for Division Two in the morning.

10.00 am - One of the two missing results is in and the tables updated. The top two of both divisions are still there this week.

Midday and the final result is in with a win for the Lucombe Oak A team.

8 November - Fourth Wednesday matches tonight before the Cup break next week. Can the top sides maintain their 100% records this week.

11.00pm - Just over half the results in so far. Working on the tables.

5 November - Sunday week Four with a top & middle & bottom of the table clash tonight. Results online as received.

Tonight's results finally online with it looking like a good night to travel for a result.

2 November - Division Two missing score in, just the one Division One result to go. Tables up to date so far.

PM - Final result in and tables updated.

It is with deepest regret that we must inform you of the passing of Dave Layfield, landlord of the Horse & Groom and enthusiastic supporter of the Exeter Pool League. He will be sorely missed. Commiserations to Mel and the staff at the Groom.

29 October - Third week of the season and with Storm Ciaran on its way, whilst we should get to the matches tonight OK, not sure about going home though as might be a bit damp! Results online as received.

10pm - First couple of results in and Horse & Groom B maintain their top spot.

11pm - Just over half the results in so far and the top of Division Two is still the Lucombe Oak B.

11.50pm - Still awaiting a result from each division. Tables to follow in the morning.

29 October - Third Sunday matches tonight with most of the action in the Horse & Groom. Results online as received.

All three results in at a reasonable time tonight, can have an early-ish night for a change.

26 October - Division Two table now corrected. The keyboard was playing up as the battery had gone flat, plus it was gone midnight!

25 October - Second Wednesday matches tonight, with the Division One equal top two meeting along with the other winners from last week playing each other. Only one top half clash in Division Two. Results online as received.

10pm - Couple of results in so far, one from each division.

11pm - All but three results in now with a couple of surprises in amongst them. Hopefully we will get the rest before midnight.

11.45pm - All but one score now in. Tables to follow tomorrow.

Law of Sod dictates that the final score will come in as soon as I hit the upload button for the last update. Tables being worked on (and finally completed 00.20am).

24 October - Spotted that there had been an update to the International Rules that we put online here. I found four changes which are either clarifying existing rules (6e and 6g) or just correcting spelling mistakes etc. The updated booklet downloads are on the form downloads page along with a couple of Referee Guidance booklets.

In response to a question asked on Sunday evening, a "Golden Frame" win is classed as a 4-3 win.

22 October - The second Sunday matches tonight with the Horse & Groom dominating the top half of the table for now. Results online as received.

Midnight - Sorry for the delay, a rare night out for me. Table to follow tomorrow.

Two more "Golden Frames" tonight, things are obviously close this season, apart from Horse & Groom D who notch up their second 4-2 win to go top.

19 October - All but one result in now, with result in from the majority of teams. Tables are now online although they are alphabetical in a few places.

The online registration form has been tweaked to, hopefully, make it a bit easier to use.

PM - Final result from Division Two now in.

18 October - Wednesday games are finally here. Hope you all have a good season.

Results online tonight as they arrive.

Had something of an email problem tonight, none for ages then all at once at 11.30! Two results missing tonight, hopefully I should get them by the morning.

17 October - A few more errors noticed and sorted out before the Wednesday season kicks off tomorrow. The Competitions pages have been revamped with the Team Cups and the Individuals, Pairs etc now split. Should make things easier to find without scrolling miles!

15 October - The new season has finally arrived and, after a lot of typing, everything is now ready this end! Hope you all have a good season.

Results online tonight as they arrive.

10.20pm - First result of the season through! Sunday and Wednesday Team Cup draws now on the fixtures pages.

11.25pm - Results in for the other two matches with a "Golden Frame" finish in one match already.

8 October - Wednesday team list now complete. Just a few odds to wrap up and we are ready to go for the new season (at this end anyway).

Hopefully everyone has received their fixtures etc by now, apart from Heart of Oak D who haven't supplied an email and won't answer my texts so far.

7 October - Sunday and Wednesday fixtures now completed. Wednesday team lists to tackle next!

6 October - After a very long day of sitting at the computers, I have finally beaten the contacts, emails and Sunday team lists into submission. The full online fixtures will be attacked tomorrow after I have sent the rest of the emails that need to go out. Then it will be onto the Wednesday team lists!

5 October - Initial round of fixtures now online, rest to follow as soon as I get it sorted. Full fixture lists available to download soon, either from the form downloads page or from the appropriate day's page.

4 October - Thanks to all who attended our Presentation/Registration Night. It was nice to see so many of you. We had a total of six teams register for Sunday again, just enough to make it worthwhile. Matches will commence on 15 October as planned. We have twenty four teams registered for Wednedsay, so two divisions of twelve. As the numbers are slightly down we are now going to commence matches on Wednesday 18th October as we will still finish in April and it will allow me more time to sort the fixtures and let me get them to everyone. Full team lists on the appropriate pages.

Many thanks as well to all of you who personally thanked me tonight for what I do for the Pool League. It is nice to know that I am appreciated for what I do and would like to assure you all that I am quite happy to carry on doing what I have been doing for the last 26/27 years!

27 September - A week now to the Presentation and Registration Night on the 4th October. We have 17 confirmed Wednesday teams and two (plus2) Sunday teams so far, still waiting to hear from the rest from last season.

Still tweaking the website and digging up minor errors, some from long ago! Will beat it into shape by next week.

23 September - A few more tweaks to the website, mainly to make it a bit more 'mobile' friendly. The front page should now make it easier to get straight to where you want to go. Several pages have been split to speed things up and reduce scrolling to find anything, like the forms downloads which have moved to another page to reduce clutter and make them easier to download.

There have been a couple more confirmations for the forthcoming season, hopefully the missing ones will come back to me soon. Lists of those confirmed now on the appropriate pages. Registration still on Wednesday 4th October after the Presentations.

20 September - On what should have been registration day I can report that so far we have ten teams confirmed for Wednesday with maybe three probables and one definite for Sunday with two or three probables so far. I will chase the rest and see what is happening with them. If the numbers remain the same as last year then we should finish Sundays on 7 April with the Wednesdays finishing 15 May. Unfortunately we have definitely lost the Wonford Inn and the Locomotive but hopefully their teams may reappear somewhere else.

The website is having a few tweaks whilst it is quiet so hopefully nothing breaks! The new International Ruleset is now online with the old World rules still up if anyone wants to cross refer.

16 September - A quick plea. As we will have a very short time to sort the fixtures, could anyone definitely entering a team for the forthcoming season please notify me via and I will add you to the list of confirmed teams. This will allow me to prepare the fixtures as much as possible so that they can be published straight after the registrations.

13 September - This should have been a note that the Presentation and Registration Night was a week away. However, owing to some technicalities, we have had to put everything back a fortnight therefore the Presentations and Registration will be on Wednesday 4th October, at the Horse & Groom as before.

Hopefully you will all make use of the extra two weeks to make sure that your registration form is completely signed as we intend to start the following Wednesday, so absolutely no late registrations. Wednesday fixtures should be online on Presentation night and will emailed out no later than the following morning. Sunday fixtures will be sorted straight after.

27 August - The registration for this winter will be straight after the Presentations on Wednesday 20th September (7pm at the Horse & Groom). Forms must be in on that date as we intend to commence matches in early October, i.e. only a fortnight later! Forms are now available to download from this page if you have not received them by email yet.

The main change from the AGM is that we are now using the International Eightball Rules. These will be online, available to download (on this page) and we hope to get some printed copies as well (hopefully more legible than the ones we saw at the AGM). We have relaxed the rules over queries on rules for the time being so that players with experience of the rules can give advice when required.

The AGM decided not to change the match formats on either Wednesday or Sunday apart from an addition to Sunday play. In the event of a draw at the end of normal play, there will be a "Golden Frame" to decide the match.

20 August - Just a reminder that the AGM is this coming Wednesday, 7.00pm at the Horse & Groom. There are several changes proposed to match formats (especially Sunday) and a change to the rule set used, so it is in your interest to make sure you have at least one representative from your team present at the meeting.

Registration forms for the coming season will be available/sent out after details have been sorted at the AGM. Registration Night will be on Presentation Night and is presently scheduled for Wednesday 20th September.

PM - A copy of the International Eightball rules and a Quick Start Guide are now available to download from this page. The highlighting in the main rule set is to show the differences between these rules and the older World Rules (I think I got them all).

12 August - The results for the Pairs semis and final have finally been notified to us and are online now. Congratulations to Brian Fardoe and Shayne Tregale for their win over Carl Spiller and Darren Dowle.

Following the Pre-AGM, there are several possible proposals to be put to the AGM on 23 August. These are mainly involving a change to the rules we use, with the International Eightball rules being suggested along with changes to the match format. We should hopefully be able to give some more details as to what is being put forward once we have looked at all the paperwork and eliminated all the duplications. AGM still scheduled for Wednesday 23 August, 7pm at the Horse & Groom.

9 August - The Pre-AGM is first up tonight (7pm prompt) where we should hopefully get some ideas for revitalising Sundays. This will be followed by the Pairs semis and final to wrap up this season's competitions.

2 August - Second set of finals tonight with the Individuals.

10.50pm - Individuals results in and congratulations to Carl Spiller who has take the title after a close battle with Wayne Tucker. We also have the Captains results from last week where Ady Major came out on top, beating Steff Llewellyn in that final.

Pairs finals next week, preceeded by the Pre-AGM, which you will need to attend if you wish to bring forward anything for the AGM or nominate anyone for any committee post (all in writing please).

26 July - First of the Finals Nights tonight with the Captains competition coming to a conclusion. Results online as we get them.

20 July - Draw for the Pairs semi-finals now on the competitions pages.

19 July - Last eight of the Pairs tonight. Results online as received.

10pm - All results in, nice and early tonight!

16 July - As things stand, we are aiming to hold the Pre-AGM on Wednesday 9th August, with the AGM on 23rd August and registration the week after on 30th August. The registration delay is to allow for some proposed changes, especially to Sundays, as the forms may need changing. Nomination forms for committee posts can be downloaded from this page, these will need to be handed in at the Pre-agm if you wish to be considered for a post. I believe a few committee changes are necessary this coming season.

Owing to the apparent lack of interest in the current format, there is the strong possibility of some major changes to Sundays this coming season which, if implemented as has been suggested to me, will mean an increase in the number of teams for starters. Full details to follow when received.

Update - Registration will be in September, date to be confirmed.

14 July - Fourth Individuals result now in and the draw for the semi-finals has been made and is on the Competitions Fixtures page.

13 July - Three of the four results now online, hopefully we will receive the fourth one soon.

12 July - Last eight of the Individuals tonight. Results online later.

Dates for the Pre-AGM, AGM and registration will hopefully be confirmed tonight. Pre-AGM looking like 9 August, just before the Pairs Finals.

9 July - Draw for the Semi-finals of the Captains Cup now on the Comps fixture page.

5 July - Captains competition tonight with one from each of the four venues going through to the Finals at the end of the month.

Midnight and I have finally got the results for tonight sorted.

1 July - The draw for the last eight of the Pairs (19 July) is now on the Competitions Fixtures page.

29 June - The three missing scores from last night have arrived and are now listed on the usual results pages.

28 June - Eight Pairs matches scheduled tonight, although one is definitely a walkover and another one is probably off as well. Full details and results when known.

10.00pm - Three matches confirmed as walkovers tonight including both ties at the Lucombe Oak. Both results in from the Devon Yeoman so far otherwise.

26 June - The final two table results are in so we now know the last eight Individuals. Results pages updated.

22 June - Two more sets of results in, just waiting for the results from the Horse & Groom.

21 June - 10.30 pm and the results are in for three of the tables. Hopefully we will get the other five tonight.

11.15pm - A set of results for another table are in, four to go.

20 June - Have been informed that the Clifton Inn is presently shut and therefore the Individuals matches scheduled for there tomorrow will now be played at AllStars. We have hopefully managed to contact everyone involved.

14 June - Just the one Captains prelim tonight, with the draw for the next round already done and up on the Competitions Fixtures page. Result online when received.

9.30pm - The result is in for the Captains prelim and Ady Major has beaten Dan Phillips to take a spot in the last 16.

12 June - Pairs last 16 draw (28 June) now on the Competitions Fixtures page.

8 June - Last three Pairs results are now in.

7 June - The twelve Prelim matches for the Pairs are tonight with the winners joining the four Bye pairs in the last 16. Results online as received.

9.20pm - Results in for two of the tables tonight with both matches completed for each table.

10.20pm - Another five results in, just three to go!

5 June - The draw for the next round of the Individuals (21 June) has been made and is now on the Competitions Fixtures page. The Pairs Prelims will take place this Wednesday evening with the Captains Prelim the following week.

3 June - The last two results are now in so we now know the last 32 for the Individuals.

1 June - 5.45pm - A few more results in so far. Will update later tonight if any more received.

31 May - After a couple of weeks off it's back to the action with the Individuals Prelims. There are 17 matches tonight and the winner of each match will join the 15 Byes in the last 32. Results online as received.

9.30pm - Three results in so far with both Devon Yeoman matches finished and one walkover at the Royal Oak. Further results as received.

10.35pm - Ten of the results in now with four being walkovers. First walkover now corrected.

18 May - A further postponed match was played last night with Heart of Oak B losing to Devon Yeoman 3-4. Tables updated (the order was never going to change regardless of the result).

17 May - Finals for the Wednesday Cup and Plate tonight, results online as received. The confirmed rearranged game has been called off and forfeited, tables adjusted etc.

The Captains prelim has been redone as, whilst what was done would have worked, it would have introduced another Bye into the next round, so we have gone for the single prelim match. At least that is in four weeks and not imminent.

9.55pm - Cup result in and Horse & Groom B have beaten AllStars University 4-1.

11.35pm - After a long, close match Horse & Groom M have beaten Heavitree Social B 4-3 to take the Wednesday Plate.

14 May - All draws for the competitions are now on the competition fixtures page. We are aiming to stick to the dates proposed as things stand. Any queries please contact the Competitions Secretary via

13 May - The list of competition entries is now up on the relevant page. Some draws have been done but, owing to a technical hitch and the need to confirm dates, they will not appear just yet. Dates already given are provisional and may move as we need to get the Pre-AGM and AGM in sometime soon.

12 May - We finally have the last Division Two result in and AllStars Exeter University have taken the lower division title.

On to the Cup and Plate Finals next week with the University looking to add to their title and Groom B out for revenge. Also there will be one or more rearranged matches taking place with the confirmed one deciding who are the third team to go down this season.

11 May - AM. Final Division One result in and Devon Yeoman are back to 7th place. Final relegation position to be confirmed after the postponed matches next week. Still awaiting the Division Two scores.

Draws for the various competitions are being done and will be up by the weekend.

PM - One of the two missing Division Two scores now in, unfortunately not the one that will tell us who has top spot. Horse & Groom J confirmed in fifth place and Lucombe Oak have the bottom spot.

10 May - Thanks to all those who entered the Competitions on Sunday, draws are being done soon and everything will be online when received, hopefully by the weekend.

Last week of league matches tonight with several teams needing to win to confirm their position in the table. Results will be a bit later tonight as I am out earlier, hopefully all results up by midnight!

11.30pm - Back at last and quite a few results in. Royal Oak are now confirmed as second in Division One after Heavitree Social A lost to the division leaders. Star Inn have taken fourth place. Still waiting for the AllStars Uni result to confirm who has taken top spot in Division Two.

3 May - Penultimate League matches tonight which should make a few league positions a bit clearer, depending on the results.

10.05pm - Three results in and Groom B are on top, if only for a short while probably. AllStars Z continue their dominance of Division One.

10.30pm - University have retaken top spot in Division Two only on games played. They need to win next week or the title will go to Horse & Groom B with their much better games-for total. Meanwhile, Heavitree Social A have dropped to third in Division One, at least for the time being.

11.50pm - Royal Oak now firmly in second place in Div One with a win tonight. All results in for Div Two with a couple of changes lower down the table. This includes a postponed match that was played yesterday.

Final results in for Div One and the Clifton climb to fourth after their final match. Ship & Pelican are confirmed as going down.

A quick reminder that we are collecting the Competition entry forms in the Horse & Groom on Sunday evening, 7-9pm.

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