Extra Registration Notification

When you have your extra signing form ready for submission then you can either photograph the form and email it to extras@exeterpool.com or complete this online form to quickly notify us of an extra signing.

The seven day clearance period will commence upon receipt of an email or this online form. You will receive confirmation of receipt as soon as possible.

The completed paper form and the correct fee are to be handed in to Horse & Groom as soon as possible.

If you do not notify us of a new signing using this online form or by email to extras@exeterpool.com, then the seven day clearance period will commence from the Sunday after the form is handed into the Horse & Groom as all correspondence is normally only collected on a Sunday.

Final clearance to play will depend on the form (and fee!) awaiting collection by clearance day.

If you are wishing to notify us of a player transfer, then please note that a fourteen day clearance period applies in these cases.

Fees are currently £3 for an extra signing or £5 for a transfer.

Please ensure that all "required" sections are completed before sending.

Player Details

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Playing Day


Player Name and Address

Contact email for confirmation of receipt

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