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February 2020


The Bowling Green team have moved to the Heart of Oak

This is a list of players signed to each team (as on the registration form). New signings will appear here as they are approved. Please note that the names given here are as interpreted from the forms. Any mistakes please notify us asap.

Please note that if your team has no available places you will need to inform us of who you wish to be removed from your list if you are trying to replace players for any reason.

Contact details are given if the team contact consented to allow publication now or recently. The permission to publish was only signed on a few forms meaning contacts are having to come through the League again which causes no end of extra work. We have an anonymous contact system via email, see email addresses given below. These redirect to the team contact and the League.

New registration status appears below. Recent additions in BOLD.

Team Status
Paul Easterbrook Horse & Groom C Cleared to play
Aiden Barrett Railway Club St Thomas Cleared to play
Ryan McDiarmid Bishop Blaize Cleared to play
Josh Mattinson Bishop Blaize Cleared to play
Niall Matthews Bishop Blaize Cleared to play
James O'Keefe Heart of Oak Cleared to play
Pete Dowle Heart of Oak Cleared to play


Registered player Awaiting clearance Available place


New player additions in italics

Allstars have been removed from the Sunday League under Rule 13 as they failed to attend four league games.

Allstars A  Contact -
Cap Leon Jagodzinski 6 Sean Redmond
2 7 Andy Richardson
3 Mike King 8 Kris Vanstone
4 Jamie Broomhill 9
5 Ryan Lambeth 10 D Roberts

Bishop Blaize  Contact - - Gavin Herbert - 07970 314010 -
Cap Gavin Herbert 6 Dominic Parker
2 Johnny Gedye 7 Ben Moore
3 Daniel Reed 8 Niall Matthews
4 Josh Mattinson 9
5 Matt Flint 10 Ryan McDiarmid
Lncee Troy Burgess Lncee Alice Bryan
Exeter Inn  Contact -
Cap Paul Chadwick 6 Jeff Purchall
2 Joe Purchall 7
3 Steve Purchall 8
4 Andy May 9
5 Scott Laskey 10

Exeter Snooker Club  Contact - - Mike Collman - 07518 608033
Cap Mike Collman 6 Paul Godbeer
2 Steve Wannell 7 Phil Hunt
3 Martin Ridgeway 8 Matt Clarkson
4 Karen Rothery 9
5 Traci Wannell 10
Lncee Mark Suckley Lncee Paul Godbeer

Heart of Oak  Contact - - Stuart Avery - 07484 708535 -
Cap Stuart Avery 6 Heather Avery
2 James O'Keefe 7 Wayne Long
3 Paul Townsend 8 Adele Passmore
4 Pete Gowle 9 John Deloney
5 Reece Webb 10 Jack Bagshaw

Horse & Groom A  Contact -  Pub: 01392 437322
Cap Nick Cornish 6 Neil Cheriton
2 Martin Willshaw 7 Tudor Cornish
3 Mike Hunt 8 Mike James
4 Paul Hannaford 9 P Williamson
5 Dave Watkins 10 Jacob Bartlett

Horse & Groom B  Contact -
Cap Bradey Irvine 6 Simon Rainger
2 Wayne Mitchell 7 Iain Callender
3 Steve Gibbard 8
4 Adrian Major 9
5 David Dart 10

Horse & Groom C  Contact - 
Cap Ian Wood 6 Garrett Soper
2 Dave Layfield 7 Dave Tremain
3 Ricky Draper 8 Paul Easterbrook
4 B Fardoe 9
5 C Wheeler 10

Railway Club St Thomas  Contact -
Cap Adam May 6 Paul Wilson
2 Olly Martin 7 Guy Vosper
3 Steve Searle 8 Aiden Barrett
4 Marcus White 9
5 Bradley Taylor 10

Stowey Arms  Contact - - Alan Bailey - 07773 820860
Cap Alan Bailey 6 Graham Madge
2 Dan Morefield 7 Scott Redding
3 Luke Morefield 8 Joe Allen
4 Mark Edwards 9 J Burrell
5 Simon Burrell 10

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