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Winter 2020-2021 Season

Should have been!

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29 June - We await the 19th July and another step towards normality. It is obvious that we will probably not be able to get any organised pool going before what would be our normal summer break. Hopefully we can get the forthcoming winter season organised before too long. Will get things sorted when we have an AGM, when we can hold one, end of July with any luck!

3 June - Hopefully we will have good news on 14 June (NO!) and can think about restarting Pool after June 21. I haven't noticed any of our pubs boarded up or anything so, with any luck, everywhere should be back in action. Will probably be best to hold our AGM first and sort out how we are going to proceed, especially with the Sunday Cup and Plate competitions still to finish.

15 April - As we slowly emerge from lockdown it is still proving almost impossible to find any information about when anything like pool can resume in pubs. Best guess is still some time after 21 June, assuming infections don't spike again and that pubs can use their "space" for recreation rather than safety purposes.

28 March - Still no news of when we can play again as yet, but at least things are improving bit by bit. It is looking like nothing much will be happening before 21 June unless we either play outdoors or in something big like a sports hall but with no booze!

Hopefully we can get an AGM in sooner rather than later so we can make some decisions for the coming season, and maybe even get the Competitions played.

14 February 2021 - A very belated Happy New Year to anyone reading this.

As we approach the anniversary of everything grinding to a halt, there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel. With any luck we may be able to squeeze in something before the summer, even if it is only finishing last season! Still hoping we haven't lost any venues because of all this.

Keep safe and wait for your jab so we can get back to normal, whatever that is now.

25 December 2020 - Merry Christmas to you all! Hope you are all well and enjoying the somewhat curtailed celebrations this year.

The way things are going at present, we can only hope the vaccine roll out will allow us to maybe pick up things in late March, early April, after a year long break. Just hope there are still some pubs left!

2 November - On holiday again as we head into lockdown once more. Unfortunately it is looking like we may not be playing any pool before Easter as things are at present. Even if things improve a bit, with the "Rule of Six" likely to come back, we may have to look at three-a side or something! Here's hoping we can fit some matches in before next September, if only to complete last season.

With little else to do (of an evening as I classify as an essential worker so haven't stopped working throughout the pandemic), the time is being used to re-write and update every page on the website so it is slimmed-down, sped-up and hopefully made easier to use. It should be a lot better on phones or tablets now. There is also now a (presently redundant) working online extra registration form to speed up notifications of new players. This will remain hidden for now for obvious reasons.

As stated previously, we will let you all know if we can start things again, with the AGM first priority.

Keep safe and well!

9 September - Doesn't time fly! This is the longest break I have had from running the pool in 23 years. Probably need retraining when we start again.

In case anyone is still checking the site, this is just to say that the likelihood of league pool before Christmas is looking very remote. The latest gatherings restrictions have removed any hope of organised pool certainly for the time being. We will continue to monitor the situation and will let you all know as soon as we think we can start to get things in motion again. We will need to call our AGM first anyway.

Hopefully we will be able to fit a season in during the first six/seven months of next year and then get back to normal (whatever that was). We still have the outstanding Sunday Cup/Plate matches to finish as well. What happens with the Individuals, Pairs and Captains will probably have to be decided at the AGM, depending on how soon we are able to hold one.

14 August - No news on the Pool front as yet. Everything will depend on the restrictions being lifted a bit more. Will need to find out whether all our pubs are open and if they still have a pool table!

The website is still undergoing a few changes/experiments so things may break for the time being. Should all be working when we need it again.

15 June - No new info at present, just trying some things to bring the workings of the website up to date a bit more and do some online testing. It should end up working a lot better on mobiles if all goes well.

Quite a few bits broken, hopefully I can fix it all before we properly need the website again!

31 May - Just to let you know that we are still here and will leap into action so we can finish the season off as soon as we have some pubs to play in. Hopefully every pub in the league will be able to open again sometime soon.

What happens with the Competitions will depend on when the pubs are open again.

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