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18 May - A further postponed match was played last night with Heart of Oak B losing to Devon Yeoman 3-4. Tables updated (the order was never going to change regardless of the result).

17 May - Finals for the Wednesday Cup and Plate tonight, results online as received. The confirmed rearranged game has been called off and forfeited, tables adjusted etc.

The Captains prelim has been redone as, whilst what was done would have worked, it would have introduced another Bye into the next round, so we have gone for the single prelim match. At least that is in four weeks and not imminent.

9.55pm - Cup result in and Horse & Groom B have beaten AllStars University 4-1.

11.35pm - After a long, close match Horse & Groom M have beaten Heavitree Social B 4-3 to take the Wednesday Plate.

14 May - All draws for the competitions are now on the competition fixtures page. We are aiming to stick to the dates proposed as things stand. Any queries please contact the Competitions Secretary via competitions@exeterpool.com.

13 May - The list of competition entries is now up on the relevant page. Some draws have been done but, owing to a technical hitch and the need to confirm dates, they will not appear just yet. Dates already given are provisional and may move as we need to get the Pre-AGM and AGM in sometime soon.

12 May - We finally have the last Division Two result in and AllStars Exeter University have taken the lower division title.

On to the Cup and Plate Finals next week with the University looking to add to their title and Groom B out for revenge. Also there will be one or more rearranged matches taking place with the confirmed one deciding who are the third team to go down this season.

11 May - AM. Final Division One result in and Devon Yeoman are back to 7th place. Final relegation position to be confirmed after the postponed matches next week. Still awaiting the Division Two scores.

Draws for the various competitions are being done and will be up by the weekend.

PM - One of the two missing Division Two scores now in, unfortunately not the one that will tell us who has top spot. Horse & Groom J confirmed in fifth place and Lucombe Oak have the bottom spot.

10 May - Thanks to all those who entered the Competitions on Sunday, draws are being done soon and everything will be online when received, hopefully by the weekend.

Last week of league matches tonight with several teams needing to win to confirm their position in the table. Results will be a bit later tonight as I am out earlier, hopefully all results up by midnight!

11.30pm - Back at last and quite a few results in. Royal Oak are now confirmed as second in Division One after Heavitree Social A lost to the division leaders. Star Inn have taken fourth place. Still waiting for the AllStars Uni result to confirm who has taken top spot in Division Two.

3 May - Penultimate League matches tonight which should make a few league positions a bit clearer, depending on the results.

10.05pm - Three results in and Groom B are on top, if only for a short while probably. AllStars Z continue their dominance of Division One.

10.30pm - University have retaken top spot in Division Two only on games played. They need to win next week or the title will go to Horse & Groom B with their much better games-for total. Meanwhile, Heavitree Social A have dropped to third in Division One, at least for the time being.

11.50pm - Royal Oak now firmly in second place in Div One with a win tonight. All results in for Div Two with a couple of changes lower down the table. This includes a postponed match that was played yesterday.

Final results in for Div One and the Clifton climb to fourth after their final match. Ship & Pelican are confirmed as going down.

A quick reminder that we are collecting the Competition entry forms in the Horse & Groom on Sunday evening, 7-9pm.

27 April - Royal Oak have closed in on Heavitree Social A, beating them last night. They remain in third having won one less game so far this season. Still awaiting Heart of Oak B v Wonford Inn result although this will not further affect the table.

PM - Final result in for Division One and Wonford Inn are confirmed as relegated although they may not necessarily end up bottom.

26 April - Three weeks of fixtures to go and still only the top of Division One sorted, although the top three of the lower division are all guaranteed to go up. Results online later as received.

10.25pm - Been trying to get results up for the last hour but they keep coming in!

11.05pm - All the Second Division reasults are in and only a change near the bottom this week. Still three results to come from Division One including the fight for second place.

21 April - The venues for the Wednesday Team Cup and Plate Finals have been decided. The Cup Final will be at the Devon Yeoman and the Plate Final at the Lucombe Oak. Both matches to take place on Wednesday 17 May.

20 April - Final three results in and Royal Oak have closed in a bit on second place with the two teams meeting next week. Black Horse now off the bottom of Div Two.

19 April - The battle is now on for second place in Division One with Heavitree Social A having the Bye tonight. Can the next two benefit and close in?

Division Two is tighter but games in hand may make the difference, time will tell. Results online as received as usual.

10.10pm - First result in and AllStars J have taken a step closer to the top two, winning their game in hand in Division Two.

11.05pm - A few more results in and AllStars Z have finally lost a match, against the bottom team as well! In the second division, University keep top place with a narrow win over Groom X.

11.40pm - Three results still to come tonight. Will be online tomorrow, AM hopefully!

13 April - All the Division One scores in now and AllStars Z have taken the title being ten points clear with four to play. Second place is still open with teams three to six all closing in last night. Still awaiting the final Division Two score to know if there are any changes at the top there.

9.40pm - Final result in and AllStars Uni have crept back to the top with a close win over Horse & Groom J.

12 April - Back to league action tonight with AllStars Z only one win from wrapping up the League title this season. Results, tables etc. online later.

10.30pm - Four results in so far with minimal effect on the tables as yet although only one result has gone as the reverse fixture.

11.00pm - Couple more Div One results in and still no changes altough some teams are creeping closer to the teams above.

11.30pm - Four results still to come including the final Div Two score which could see a return to the top for AllStars Exeter Uni. More scores in the morning hopefully.

Just a quickie, the Competition forms download works now (sorry!).

7 April - The proposed competition dates are now listed on the competition fixture and entries pages. We are hoping that, by arranging all dates now, we will possibly get a larger entry to the various competitions this time as players are able to check whether they will be able to attend all rounds of their chosen competition.

Entry forms are being emailed out but are available to download from this page or the competition pages. They will be collected on Sunday 7 May (Coronation weekend!) so you have a month to sort out your entry.

6 April - AllStars Exeter University have taken the other Cup Final place with a close win over Devon Yeoman last night (games 4-2 but 9-8 in the frames).

We intend to hold the Individuals, Pairs and Captains competitions again like last year with everything starting on 31 May, directly after the Wednesday season ends. Full dates and the entry form should be online this weekend.

5 April - Wednesday Cup and Plate action tonight, results online as received.

9.45pm - First result in and Horse & Groom B are through to the Cup final with a 4-2 win over the Groom X team.

10.45pm - First Plate result in and Heavitree Social B have beaten Heart of Oak B 4-2.

11.00pm - Second Plate result in and Horse & Groom M have beaten Heart of Oak A 4-1 to reach the final.

3 April - Sunday Cup Final result finally in and Horse & Groom W have taken the honours this time.

We trust you all had an enjoyable season and hope that we can find sufficient interest for a Sunday League next winter. We are intending to hold a meeting to discuss how to go forward, in the meantime any suggestions will be gratefully received.

2 April - Sunday Cup Final tonight and the last match of this Winter season.

1 April - Had some computer problems yesterday so here is a late update. The final result is in for Division Two and Lucombe Oak have climbed two places off the bottom this week.

Final Sunday game tomorrow with the Cup Final and Cup matches on Wednesday giving most teams a break this week.

The Competitions Secretary is working on the Competitions for this year. Details to follow when dates, etc, are sorted.

30 March - AM. The final Division One result is in with bottom club Wonford Inn narrowly losing again. Still two results from Division Two to come.

PM - One Division Two result in and no more changes to the table yet. Still awaiting the Lucombe Oak/Black Horse result, two finely matched sides near the bottom of the table.

29 March - First news is that Wonford Social Club are in the process of moving to the Ship & Pelican, complete with name change, and should have sorted themselves out by their first home match on 12 April.

Should be some movement in both tables tonight with several teams on similar points. Results online as received.

10.00pm - First result in and top of Div 2 the same although the bottom has now changed.

11.00pm - Two results in from each division so far and no real surprises yet.

11.35pm - Not a lot of movement so far tonight with three results still to come.

26 March - The final (postponed) league matches of the Sunday League are this evening with the Cup Final next week. AllStars A are unable to raise a side for tonight so Horse & Groom S have a chance to take fourth place if they can win their match. All other places are confirmed. Results online as received.

All the results in nice and early tonight, shame I've got the week off so don't have to worry about a late night! Groom N and S have drawn again so no changes to the table for the eighth and final week. Just the Cup Final next week to wrap up the Sunday league for the season.

We will be in touch over the next few weeks with what we intend to do with the Sunday League for next time. We need a few more teams next year to make it viable, six was the absolute minimum and just about worth carrying on. Any suggestions gratefully received.

23 March - Final two results in and two more close matches. Tables updated.

22 March - Week twenty of twenty-six tonight and no major changes expected in the tables apart from the middle of division One. Top two in both divisions looking comfortable at the moment.

11.00pm - Six of ten results in so far and a change at the top of Division Two along with several swaps in middle of Division One.

11.30pm - Two more results in with more shuffling around in the centre of Division One. Other two results tomorrow morning hopefully.

20 March - Final Sunday result in and Railway Club have secured second place in the table.

19 March - Penultimate league matches tonight with second and third place meeting for what could be a decider, although their previous three meetings have produced a win apiece and a draw so far. Results online as received.

9.40pm - First result in and Horse & Groom N maintain their non-winning record.

10.40pm - Second result in and Groom S have inflicted only the second loss of the season on AllStars X.

11.45pm - Third result tomorrow morning hopefully!

16 March - AM, two of the four missing scores received, rest to follow this evening.

PM - After power cuts tonight and computers which didn't want to restart, here at last are the final two results and the updated tables. Venues have been sorted for the Wednesday Cup and Plate semis and are listed in the various fixtures.

15 March - Nearly three quarters of the way through the season now with still all to play for, although AllStars Z are probably more comfortable than most. Results online as received tonight.

10.30pm - Three results in and AllStars Z continue their dominance of Division One with another win.

11.00pm - One Division One and two more Division Two results in and no surprises yet tonight.

11.30pm - One more Div One result in and tables updated. Other four results online tomorrow.

12 March - Matches 18 of 20 tonight with second place still in the balance. Results online as received.

11.30pm - Three draws tonight so no movement in the tables again.

9 March - AM, only one more result in so far. Div. 1 Table updated.

PM - Rest of the results are in and no major changes to the tables this week, although AllStars University just won a close match with Green Gables.

8 March - No matches off tonight for a change, results online as received.

11.00pm - Two results in from each division with Heavitree Social A suffering a defeat in a close match with Clifton Inn. The rest of the results have gone to form.

11.30pm - Six of ten results in so far and minimal changes to the tables at present. Rest of the results online tomorrow.

6 March - Draws online for the Wednesday Cup and Plate semi-finals although we are awaiting confirmation of the venues for these matches.

5 March - Finally discovered a usable phone so the League phone is back in action.

Four matches to go with AllStars X eight points in front. Can they wrap things up this week?

10.45pm - Two results in and AllStars X are confirmed as taking the Sunday League title this season. No changes to the table rankings again this week.

11.00pm - Final result in and positions 2-5 obviously not wanting to change things as they have all drawn tonight.

2 March - Last two results in and just one swap of positions 10 and 11 in Division One this week.

1 March - First news, the Pool League phone is busted and I cannot speak out. Text or email if you need to get hold of me tonight please.

Second news is Seven Stars v Wonford Social Club off tonight as is Green Gables v Queens Head.

10.00pm - First result in and Black Horse suffering from a lack of games recently.

11.15pm - One result to come from each division, no movements in tables yet.

26 February - Sunday round 16 and AllStars X can take the title with a win tonight, with the fight on now for second place. Results online as received later tonight.

10.30pm - Two results in and AllStars X will have to wait another week to confirm the title having drawn tonight.

11.15ppm - Final result in and no movement in the table again.

24 February - Final Plate result now in. The Cup has three Division Two sides left in the last four whilst the Plate has three Division One sides left.

23 February - Another Cup and a Plate result in, just one Plate score to follow.

22 February - Cup and Plate matches tonight to give us a rest from the drama of the league. Last eight in both competitions, scores online as received.

10.00m - A couple of Cup results in so far and the Horse & Groom have two of the last four places.

11.05pm - 3 Cup and 1 Plate scores in so far.

11.45pm - Another Plate score in, rest online tomorrow.

19 February - Better late than never, here are tonight's results - no changes to the table again.

16 February - The last Division One result is in and the Star Inn have now take third position in the table. Still waiting for the final Division Two score.

7.00pm - Final score in and no changes to Division Two this week.16 February - The last Division One result is in and the Star Inn have now take third position in the table. Still waiting for the final Division Two score.

7.00pm - Final score in and no changes to Division Two this week.

15 February - Week 16 of 26 and one match off tonight, Heart of Oak B v Devon Yeoman off as the bug has struck the Oak side.

10.50pm - Three results in so far and no changes to either table yet.

11.30pm - One result from each division still to come. The top and bottom teams of both divisions won tonight with minor effects in both tables.

13 February - 13 February - Last result in and no changes to the table this week.

12 February - Sunday round 14 with the Railway Club and Groom W fighting it out for second place.

10.30pm - First two results in and AllStars X move a bit closer to the title.

9 February - Final two Division One results in and Royal Oak have climbed to third place.

8 February - One or two matches tonight which could make some significant changes to the tables, including the Division Two top of the table clash.

10.30pm - All the Division Two results in and several swaps in position in the table, including at the top.

11.05pm - Half of the Division One scores in and no movement so far.

11.30pm - Another result in and Seven Stars climb above Wonford Social by virtue of conceding less frames! Final two results tomorrow morning, hopefully.

5 February - Back to Sunday action with a couple of possible changes to the table tonight (not top or bottom though).

Missing score for Wednesday now added although frames not confirmed as accurate for now (technical problems all round with that result).

11.00pm - Two of the three results in and no changes to the table yet.

11.25pm - Final result in and Railway Club back up to second place.

2 February - Two of the missing results in this morning, tables updated with no changes to positions.

1 February - Second half of the season starts tonight, still all to play for at either end of each table. Results online as received.

10.35pm - First results in and only a couple of changes in the tables so far.

Midnight - All but three scores in, hopefully they will be there in the morning.

31 January - Big news tonight is that the Locomotive Inn B team have officially withdrawn from Division Two. Please insert a Bye into position 3 on the Division Two fixture list. All scores involving them will be disregarded and the table updated, results in the results section will remain. Fixtures updated.

29 January - Cup matches tonight with the Semi-finals of the Team Cup. Scores online as received.

18.30pm - After last night's events in town, the cup match scheduled to take place at AllStars has been moved to the Heavitree Social Club so both matches can go ahead as planned.

21.20pm - First result in and Horse & Groom W are through to the final.

10.15pm - Second result in and Horse & Groom S join their stablemates in the final.

27 January - AllStars Z and Wonford Inn have decided that AllStars will be awarded the postponed match (14 Dec). Table adjusted accordingly.

26 January - Three more results this morning, hopefully the other two will be received by this evening.

10pm - Last two results are in and the tables updated.

25 January - As we hit the halfway point of the season, there is one match off tonight, Heart of Oak A unable to raise a side to face the Star Inn. Match claimed. Rest of the results online as received.

10.35pm - First few results in and a close match at the top of Division One. Locomotive Inn B failed to show again, we are checking on their status (automatically out next time).

111.30pm - One more result in tonight, rest of the updates tomorrow.

24 January - Having beaten the Mac update into submission and got full access to the emails and some other bits again, there are a few updates and corrections online tonight. The Sunday table is now correct and a missing extra signing is now listed.

23 January - Final result in and, surprise, no changes to the table order, again.

22 January - Round twelve of the League fixtures tonight before a break for the Team Cup Semis next week.

10.00pm - First result in and no changes to table so far.

11.10pm - Second result and still no changes.

19 January - Last result in and tables updated. Draw for next round of the Wednesday Cup and Plate will be online later today.

6.30pm - Wednesday Team Cup and Plate draws now online as promised.

18 January - Back to League action tonight. Results online later as usual.

10.35pm - First few results in and no surprises yet.

11.30pm - All but one division One result in and tables updated. A bit of shuffling about in the middle of Division One and at the bottom of Division Two with the top sides still maintaining their positions before the halfway point next week!

17 January - Horse & Groom M v Horse & Groom J postponed tomorrow as the M team are decimated with Flu.

15 January - Latest PC and Mac updates causing problems here but should be able to operate this evening. Results online as received.

10.30pm - Two results in on this derby night and there will be no change in the table positions again this week.

10.45pm - Third result in and AllStars X maintain their dominance.

11 January - Cup & Plate action tonight, results online as received.

10.15pm - Five results in so far, including the Plate prelim.

11.20pm - All results in now, I can have a relatively early night for a change.

9 January - Result in for third game and a win this time. No changes to the order in the table this week.

8 January - Back to Sunday League action tonight after a rather long break. Can anyone catch AllStars X?

10.55pm - Finally able to get first result sorted and online.

11.15pm - Another result, another draw!

4 January - Wednesday Divisions EGM 8pm tonight at the Horse & Groom to sort out promotion/relegation. Please try to attend if possible, representation from all teams is desired.

9.30pm - Meeting has voted to increase number of teams being promoted/relegated to three for this season only.

1 January 2023 - Happy New Year to you all!

A reminder to all Wednesday teams that we will be holding the EGM this coming Wednesday (4 Jan). It is vital for a representative from each team to attend.

29 December - Jubilee Club and St Thomas CC have played tonight, result and updated tables in the Wednesday section.

28 December - St Thomas Cricket Club have informed me that they have relocated to the newly refurbished Green Gables and will therefore be playing as the Green Gables for the rest of the season. The fixtures have been updated and an email will also go out to all Wednesday teams to officially inform them of the changes. Their first home match is not until 18 January so hopefully everyone will have received the news by then.

Not sure if the Jubilee Club v St Thomas CC match from last week is being played tonight. The email said the 29th but that may have been a typo. Result will go up when received.

25 December - A very Merry Christmas to you all!

24 December - After discussion between the teams, the claimed match from Wednesday is now been going to be played next week. Tables have been adjusted. The match claimed on 14 December may also be played at a later date, this will be confirmed in the New Year so no relevant adjustments have been made yet.

22 December - Final results in and tables updated (postponed match has now been claimed by the Jubilee Club). No changes at the top or bottom of either table but some movements in the middle of both, with Exeter Snooker Club continuing their climb towards the top in division one.

The Committee wish all players a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Back to the action in 2023!

21 December - Flu strikes again as another match is affected due to the bug.

Final league matches of 2022 tonight before a short seasonal break, results online as received.

10.45pm - First three results in and tables updated.

11.30pm - A few more results now, the rest in the morning.

18 December - Bit of a match that was! Enjoy the rest of the evening off, I certainly will.

Sunday Cup Semi-final and Wednesday Cup Second Round and Team Plate Prelim draws are online.

15 December - Missing results in with one match now treated as postponed. Table updates to follow later along with all the Cup and Plate draws.

14 December - One match off and one playing the reverse fixture owing to damage to the table, details on the Wednesday page. Results online as received as usual.

10.40pm - Four results in so far, including a walkover. Table updates being worked on.

11.30pm - Three results outstanding now, tables updated so far.

12 December - Final result in and no further table changes.

11 December - The last Sunday matches for 2022 tonight before the winter break. Results online as received.

Wednesday matches will go ahead as scheduled after last night's football.

11.00pm - Two results in and one change to the table tonight.

7 December - Straight into the results tonight as I am running a bit behind schedule.

10.40pm - All but one Division Two result in, no Division One scores yet though.

Midnight-ish - All results now in and tables updated. No change at the top of Division One but the top two in Divison Two have swapped over.

4 December - No pool tonight owing to some football match taking over the pubs. Back to normal next week.

2 December - Committee meeting last night so no updates then. All but one Division Two result in so far and tables updated.

30 November - Four games to Christmas tonight (possibly three) with the possibility of a change at the top of Division One owing to the Bye.

10.30pm - First two results in (div 2) and table updated.

11.30pm - 2 more scores to come sometime. Table updated with results received.

29 November - After tonight's football we are postponing our games on Sunday 4th November until the end of the season. We may have to postpone our Wednesday 14th December games if England reach the Semis. We shall know on Saturday 10th.

28 November - Last result in and table updated. No change at the top (or bottom) but the other four are staying close together.

27 November - Eighth league matches of the season tonight, two more until the slightly extended seasonal break and the halfway point of the season.

10.20pm - First two results in and table updated.

24 November - Final two results in and tables updated (properly! - not a good idea doing them approaching midnight).

23 November - Back to league action tonight with a top of the table clash in Division Two. Results online tonight as received.

10.20pm - First three results in and a bit of movement in the tables for now.

11.05pm - Three more Division One results in and table updated.

11.40pm - One more score to come from each division. No change at the top of Division One but the top two have swapped in Division Two.

20 November - Two cup matches tonight to get us down to the last four.

11.15pm - One of the two results in so far.

Midnight - Second result in and another close match.

17 November - Last three Cup scores online now, not a good night for the home teams overall!

16 November - A night off for a few teams as we have the first round of the Wednesday Team Cup tonight. Results online later as received.

9.40pm - First couple of results in already.

10.00pm - Third result in and another away win.

10.45pm - Two more results in now.

11.35pm - Sixth result in. Rest to follow tomorrow.

13 November - Week seven of the league season and the second "derby night" of fixtures. A slight break for a couple of teams next week with the Team Cup before the run up to the christmas break. Results online tonight as received.

11.00pm - First result in with no change to the table yet.

11.15pm - Second result in and a swap near the bottom of the table.

Midnight and the last result is in, table updated.

10 November - Missing Division One score now added and table updated with minimal movement this week. Division Two has a few more movements but less than last week. Top of both still the same.

9 November - Missing result from Divison Two last week now added, apologies! Tables updated.

Week six of Wednesday season tonight with a break for the Team Cup next week. Results online as received.

11.05pm - Three results in for each division and no changes at the top of either tonight. There could be some mid table shifts later on.

11.55pm - All but one result in now (Div 1) and tables updated so far.

6 November - Start of the reverse fixtures this week, with a top of the table clash. Sunday Cup draw now online.

10.10pm - First result in and another draw, so no changes to the table yet.

10.40pm - Second result in and second and third places have swapped for the present.

11.25pm - Last result in and no further change at the top.

3 November - 9.30am. Both missing division one scores are in with one more due from division two. Tables have been updated with quite a few movements in the first division this week including at the top.

2 November - Week five and still tight at the top of both tables with Division Two likely to change owing to the byes. Results online as received tonight.

11.15pm - Several scores in so far with a few unexpected results. Table updates to follow.

31 October - End of the first month of the season and the last Sunday result now in. The table has been updated with not much change as two of the three matches were draws again.

30 October - Week five and a quarter of the way through the league fixtures tonight already. Results and table online later as usual.

11.49pm - Two results in and tables updated. Top and bottom still the same!

28 October - Final result in and tables updated.

The draw for Round One of the Wednesday Team Cup is now online. Sunday Cup draw to follow shortly.

27 October - All but one result (Div 2) in now and tables updated. Top of both tables still unchanged.

26 October - Wednesday week four and nobody pulling away so far. Updates online later tonight.

10.40pm - Three division two results in so far.

11.40pm - Few more division one results.

23 October - Week four, with only one team unbeaten so far. The table has been corrected as a couple of errors were spotted. Updates tonight as received

11.00pm - All three results in and a change at the top tonight.

20 October - Rest of the results in and the tables updated. Quite a few unexpected scores this week!

19 October - Wednesday already! Scores online as received.

10.40pm - Several results in and tables updated with those results.

11.35pm - Final updates for this evening.

17 October - Final score in and the table updated.

16 October - Third Sunday matches of the season tonight. Scores online as received as usual.

10.50pm - Two out of three results in so far.

13 October - The rest of the scores online now. Still working on the tables!

10.00pm - Tables now updated.

12 October - Straight into the results tonight!

11.30pm - all but three results in now. Hopefully the rest and the table to follow tomorrow.

11 October - Table added for Wednesday Division Two as I forgot on Friday (thanks James).

9 October - The first of four "Derby" days this season with only one team away from home tonight. Results online as received.

11.40pm - Results in for all matches.

8 October - The extra signing online form has been now been fixed and should give you an indication of whether it has worked properly. Otherwise, just email a pic of the form to extras@exeterpool.com to initially notify us of a new signing.

6 October - Rest of the results now online. Fixture updates are being worked on as well as the Wednesday team lists.

5 October - All happening tonight. Went to pick up some missing signatures and eventually found out that the Locomotive Inn was only able to organise one team and that they had take the Loco B fixtures. Therefore Locomotive Inn A fixtures are now a BYE. The fixture lists are being updated and all affected teams will be notified officially as soon as possible.

In the meantime, results are trickling in and are going online.

11.30pm - 8 of 11 results in. Others to follow tomorrow.

3 October - Final Sunday result now in.

2 October - The 22/23 season finally commences this evening with the start of six months of Sunday matches. Results online as received tonight.

11,15pm - First results of the season now online (this week's not next week!).

26 September - Team lists updated a bit and now showing all players we do not yet have a signature (or payment) for (pink background). Missing signature forms have hopefully now gone out to all teams where necessary. Please get them back to us as soon as you can. Email is probably best although I will be in to the Horse & Groom on the 2nd and the 5th to collect any dropped off there. Individual signatures are ok as long as clear details are supplied of who the signature is of.

24 September - Wednesday fixtures finally online as well as the team lists for Wednesday. Some names listed are educated guesses as one or two of the forms are a bit difficult to read, so please check. Also noticed a handful of names on more than one form. If not notified of which team these players are actually signed for then we will go by who they play for first. Have had a couple let me know which team but it may be worth checking if you have been approached by more than one team as some players seem to have been added to forms without their knowledge.

Missing signature forms are being emailed out to teams, so please get them completed and returned to the Horse & Groom before your first match if you receive one.

21 September - Until the start of the season the online registration page has been disabled for technical reasons. To register any extra players, please complete the extra signing form, (downloadable from this page) and make sure that it and the fee gets to the Horse & Groom as soon as possible. Also, please email extras@exeterpool.com to let us know of the new signing.

Wednesday fixtures for online are still being worked on, but should all be up by the weekend along with the team lists.

11.35pm - Individuals results in and congratulations to Jason Woolridge who has taken another trophy to add to the Captains Cup. Full results on the Competitions pages.

20 September - Sunday fixtures are now online and have been emailed out to all relevant teams. Wednesday online fixture lists are being worked on and should hopefully be up tomorrow. These will also be emailed out soon.

Fixture lists for both days are available to download on this page, along with the relevant result sheets and a newsletter detailing format changes and other news.

Think the Individuals Finals may probably be tomorrow night! Apologies for the confusion.

14 September - Pairs results from last night now online. Congratulations to Darren Dowle and Carl Spiller for their win.

Results for the other finals will be online later tonight (hopefully).

10.40pm - Captains results in and Jason Woolridge is the champion.

12 September - Anyone spot the "deliberate" mistake yesterday? Wednesday format will now be FIVE singles followed by TWO doubles instead of the two, two, three we were playing.

Fixtures are being worked on and should be ready by the weekend, if not before.

11 September - After the AGM tonight there are a few changes. Sunday has stayed the same but the Wednesday format has been altered to put the Doubles matches back to the end of the night, so matches will be four five singles then three two doubles, all still best of three. Matches will also now commence from 7.30pm on Wednesday although only three players will be required to be present by 7.45pm.

We ended up with six teams for Sunday. They will play a double season which will take them up to the end of March. Wednesday has twenty five teams split into two divisions and will run to mid May. List of teams for each night on appropriate pages.

There will be the usual newsletter sent out at the start of the season with all the details and changes for the forthcoming season.

Pairs Final will be this Tuesday with the other Finals the day after.

8 September - Still no further Sunday teams but we should be up to twenty four teams for Wednesday if everyone confirms by the AGM on Sunday.

There are proposals to change the Sunday and Wednesday formats so it is in your interests to have a representative from your team at the AGM on Sunday.

4 September - Thanks to all who registered last night. We have six teams confirmed for Sunday with another one possible so far. Wednesday has nineteen with two more probable and another three possibles. See the appropriate day for a list of entries so far.

Please note that we will only accept further entries between now and the end of the AGM. We aim to start the league in the first week of October so need to know the numbers as soon as possible.

3 September - Don't forget the Pre-AGM and Registration tomorrow, from 6.30pm at the Horse & Groom.

31 August - Last eight of the Individuals tonight. Full results to follow later this evening.

10.10pm - A couple of results in so far.

10.55pm - Other two results in now.

26 August - Captains Cup Finals Night draw now on the Competitions pages.

24 August - Captains Cup tonight, results online as per usual.

10.20pm - First results from the Captains now online.

20 August - Draw for last four Pairs for Finals Night now online at Competitions.

17 August - Pairs tonight. Results online as received.

10.15pm - First set of results in.

10.35pm - Just one table final result to come now.

11.30pm - Final result now in.

11 August - Final Individual results now in and draw for last eight on the Competitions pages.

10 August - Last 32 Individuals tonight, with one player from each of the eight tables going through to the next stage. Results online as received.

11.15pm - Results confirmed from five tables, possibly six. Others to follow when in.

3 August - Results for the Captains Prelims are now on the Competitions pages. The draw for the next stage in also there as well.

30 July - Registration forms for the forthcoming winter season are now available to download on this page. We will be collecting them after the Pre-AGM, Sunday 4th September at the Horse & Groom, time to be confirmed. Emails with both forms are going out to everyone we have an address for in an effort to try and get a few more teams back this season. We have a couple more teams already but could do with a few more, especially Sunday. Final league format will depend on numbers but the single division on Wednesday seems to have gone down well last time.

There is a preview copy online for the new results sheets. They will be split into Sunday and Wednesday versions and have been altered to suit the two different formats and to add in the requirement for a signature from each doubles player. Separate versions will be online after the AGM as there is a possibility of a format change to Wednesdays.

28 July - Our super-efficient Competitions Secretary has sent me the draw for the last 16 Pairs. These games will take place on Wednesday 17 August, details on the Competitions pages.

27 July - Results in for both Pairs Prelims, details on the Competitions pages.

23 July - Pre-AGM and registration will be on Sunday 4 September with the AGM a week later on Sunday 11 September, both meetings at the Horse & Groom, time to be confirmed. Registration forms will be available online soon. Registration is back to £25 per team plus £3 per player as before.

22 July - The Singles draw is now online. Matches to be played Wednesday 10 August.

The Pre-AGM and AGM dates will be announced soon but are almost certainly going to be on a Sunday owing to the Competitions on Wednesdays. Registration for the coming Winter season will be on one of the dates.

20 July - Updated Prelims for the Pairs and Captains have been sorted and are listed on the Competitions pages.

The Singles draw proper will be online as soon as it is received.

19 July - Owing to the removal of several entries for various competitions, the Singles Prelims due to take place tomorrow are now cancelled, being no longer necessary. Prelims for the Pairs and Captains are also on hold until the numbers are clarified.

10 July - Entries now kinda sorted by teams (just one given where a player plays Sunday and Wednesday). Prelims fixtures emailed out to as many participants as I could find email addresses for.

8 July - All the Prelim fixtures are now online. Any queries, please email the Competitions Secretary at competitions@exeterpool.com.

7 July - After the Competitions registration last night the entries lists are up in the competitions pages. The fixtures for the various prelims will follow as soon as possible.

Please note that, owing to time constraints, entries for the competitions are now closed.

27 June - Competitions are back! It has been decided that the Singles, Doubles and Captains competitions will be played this summer. All competitions are open to both Sunday and Wenesday players.

If you wish to enter any of the three competitions then you will need to register on the form (see Useful Forms downloads on this page). We will be collecting these on Wednesday 6 July at the Horse & Groom from 8.00pm. Payment will depend on whether or not you registered for the 2020 competitions (all listed on the Entries page in Competitions) in which case you will be deemed to have paid, otherwise the fees will apply.

Forms are being sent out to the captains/team contacts as well so hopefully we will get a reasonable response despite the short notice ( I was only informed of this last night myself).

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