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31 March - Next round of Individuals online. Venues will be advised later this week.

Sunday updates now online.

28 March - All results of games played now in. Kings v Heart of Oak to be sorted.

27 March - Pairs results coming in and now online. Still awaiting two Sunday league results. Email is working!

Wednesday results now appearing.

26 March - Still missing two Sunday results, hope there isn't an email problem.

24 March - Waiting for tonight's updates which are now trickling in.

Found out missing Wednesday score was due to match being postponed, but nobody bothered to tell me.

21 March - All but one Wednesday result in now, updates online.

20 March - Result coming in. Updates until 11pm as usual.

19 March - Final Sunday score in tonight, results and tables updated. Result in for Pairs Prelim as well.

17 March - Results coming in for tonights' games. Updates tonight until around 11pm.

14 March - Scores for all games in by this morning so updates went up then.

13 March - Results starting to come in so updates tonight until around 11pm.

11 March - Second Sunday Cup score online. Exeter Snooker Club will meet Horse & Groom C in the Final, Sunday 9 June.

10 March - Most Singles results now in and online. Hopefully the Pairs and Mixed Pairs draws will be online later today. (Update - Now online)

7 March - No Individual results received so far so no real updates yet.

Pairs and Mixed Pairs draws will be online as soon as a couple of slight problems are solved.

2 March - The Sunday Cup draw went up on Friday, I forgot to mention it! Results and table updates to follow when I get some.

1 March - Couple more Wednesday results and updated tables.

28 February - Finally received the Individuals draw and it it now online in Competitions or Wednesday or as a Pdf download. Will attempt to contact everyone but if you know someone taking part, please let them know as well.

More Wednesday results online as well.

27 February - Still chasing the Singles and Sunday Team Cup details. Hope to have them later today.

Some Wednesday results now online.

24 February - Sunday results and tables should be up later depending on the results coming in on time.

Results starting to come in now.

Just noticed that we are 2/3rds of the way through the fixtures (10 left) although there are four weeks added with Cup games and holidays before we finish in June.

22 February - Final score received, results and table updated.

21 February - Scores from last night now online. Tables to follow later when a fault is sorted out. (Update - no fault, table not updated properly last week!)

20 February - Results will be late tonight as I am having a rare weeknight out.

18 February - Last score in so results and tables updated.

17 February - Trying to find out why one score was missing last Sunday. Hopefully have some news later. (Match postponed but message went astray somewhere).

Reminded the Competitions Secretary that the next round of the Singles is due soon.

Tonight's results will appear as they are received.

15 February - Results in for all Wednesday games and tables updated.

14 February - All but one score in now so results and tables updated.

13 February - Wednesday updates will follow later.

One result missing from Sunday for some reason, so if anyone knows the Nelson v Allstars score, please let me know.

11 February - Further Sunday results online. Snooker Club v Railway Club fixture was reversed for whatever reason.

10 February - Latest Sunday updates.

7 February - All but one Wednesday score in now.

6 February - Allstars DT v Black Horse postponed. All other results will appear when received.

3 February - Sunday results and table updates as received tonight (up to 11pm anyway).

10.pm - First results coming in now.

31 January - Last of the Wednesday results now in and tables updated.

29 January - We are now in the second half of both Sunday and Wednesday seasons. Wednesday results and table updates as I get them.

28 January - Final scores for Sunday in now. Results and tables updated.

27 January - Sunday results starting to come in now (10.30).

25 January - All the Wednesday Cup results in now.

23 January - Cup results starting to come in so updates as they appear.

20 January - Results in for all four matches so results and tables updated online nice and early tonight!

17 January - All but one result in now so updated and corrected results/tables now online.

16 January - Updates for results received tonight (and Thursday morning!).

14 January - Rest of the results in for Sunday.

13 January - We regret to announce that the Horse & Groom D team have withdrawn from Sunday Division Two. Tables and fixtures have been amended.

The Duke of York A team (Wed) will probably be changing their name to the Black Horse. Just need to check up on this.

10pm - Results starting to come in now.

10 January - All but one result now in so Wednesday updated.

9 January - Wednesday results and tables online.

6 January - After a pleasant couple of weeks off pool (only off work 3 days!) it's back to the usual grind.

The Duke of York (Wednesday) have informed me today that they have relocated to the Black Horse, Longbrook Street, owing to problems at their old venue.

30 December - Wishing you all a Happy New Year.

25 December - Merry Christmas to all players and licencees from the Exeter Pool League committee.

20 December - More Wednesday results and updated tables.

19 December - Results for the final league games before Christmas will be up soon (well one anyway).

17 December - Further updates to Sunday and Wednesday with corrections to the tables (oops!).

16 December - Railway v Exeter Snooker off tonight through illness.

10.30 pm - Updates as received so far.

13 December - Busy this evening so updates will follow either very late today or tomorrow.

12 December - Only one result so far tonight.

10 December - Rest of Sunday updates as well as the missing Singles prelim results!

9 December - Latest Sunday updates online (as they come in).

6 December - Wednesday updates as all but one result received now.

5 December - Only one result so far!

2 December - Updates for Sunday with results received so far.

28 November - First of the Individuals results received and online now. Rest to follow when available.

25 November - One third of the way through the Sunday league fixtures already!

Latest Sunday updates online. After Wednesday's 4-3's it seems to be nearly all 5-1's tonight.

22 November - Rest of results in so full updates online. Only one match didn't go 4-3!!

21 November - A few results have arrived before I turn in so a quick update online.

18 November - All results in so updates online tonight.

15 November - No results in when I crawled into my sick bed last night so Wednesday updates tonight.

11 November - Quick Sunday update with a couple of results.

Singles prelim draw now online on the Competitions Fixtures page.

8 November - Wednesday updates online.

Competition entries are now closed. The online entries list has been updated - please check your entry(ies) very carefully. We have also done the draw for the prelim round of the Singles competition. This will be published once it has been checked, certainly before next Wednesday. We have also done the Team Cup draws for January which will also go online in the next week.

5 November - Sunday results and tables online.

Had no further competition forms over the weekend. Will put all entries online later today. Competition entries now online. Please check that the details are correct.

A very last chance for competition entries! Bring your form to the Horse & Groom, 7pm Thursday and catch us at the committtee meeting. We will not be chasing entries after then.

1 November - Updated Wednesday scores and tables now online.

Received some more Competition forms on Wednesday. Still missing anything from Kings, Heart of Oak, Railway Club St Thomas or Seven Stars looking at last year's entries. You have until 7.30pm Sunday to get your forms to me!

29 October - Rest of the Sunday Cup scores online. I am chasing the missing Wednesday score! (Got it now!)

Thought we were losing another team last night but that was sorted.

Pool phone still dead as I cannot find where I put the very old one that works with Orange. Got several locked to other carriers!

28 October - One result so far tonight.

Thought I had some news about one of the teams tonight but things are getting contradictory so updates (if necessary) will follow when I find out what is going on.

Don't forget that you only have until next Sunday to get your Competition forms in. Let me know if you have one you are trying to get to me please.

25 October - Most Cup scores in so updates online.

Received a few competition forms last night including one left behind the bar for me. If you wish to put your form and fees in an envelope and leave it behind the bar for me I would be very grateful. Will get a receipt to you as soon as I am able. Otherwise I am in the Clifton on Saturday afternoon (4-8ish) or email me and we can arrange something.

You have until Sunday 4th November to make sure your forms are in as we need to get the Singles sorted asap.

21 October - Several results in tonight so updates online.

18 October - No update last night as no results by 11pm for a change. All but one Wednesday score received so far today so updates now online, (plus Sunday updates I should have done a couple of days ago).

You should have all received notification of the Team Cup draws and a copy of the Competitions form if needed. I will be in the Clifton Inn next Wednesday if you can get your form to me then. Otherwise, contact me and we can arrange something.

Please note that the Pool League phone number is presently unobtainable as the phone has died and I cannot find a phone at home that will function properly enough to replace it for now. Email is a much easier way to reach me anyway.

14 October - Lots happening today. I have received news that the Lucombe Oak have withdrawn from Sunday Division Two. Tables and fixtures have been adjusted.

I have received draws for both Wednesday and Sunday Team Cups. I am awaiting clarification on the Sunday draw but the Wednesday one has gone up online.

11 October - Only one result in by the time I hit the hay last night so updates today instead.

8 October - Updates and corrections (moral - don't do updates too late in the evening!)

Will be trying to find out what is happening with Lucombe Oak team as no-show for two weeks.

7 October - Have been unable to contact Duke of York B despite several attempts. With regret we are going to have to remove them from Wednesday Division Two. A Bye will be inserted into the fixtures and the tables adjusted accordingly.

The Team Cup draws will go up as soon as they are received (hopefully soon).

10.45pm - Results as received tonight.

4 October - More Wednesday updates.

Competition form available for download now. See the Useful Forms section on this page. The forms are due back on Wednesday 24 October, which is a Team Cup night. If you are unable to make it that night then you will have to arrange something with me to get the forms in. They will need to be in a few days either way of that date.

3 October -Only one result in so far but updates online anyway as I am off to bed!

30 September - All results in, though not from all teams yet. Results and tables updated.

Competition forms will be done this week - promise!

27 September - Results received for all matches this week although not all scores from all teams yet.

Sunday - Lucombe Oak are claiming their match v Allstars A as Allstars unable to attend. TBC

Clifton Inn report that Duke of York B unable to raise team and may be withdrawing. Will confirm this.

25 September - Still a few missing scores from Sunday with only a couple of hours to go!

There have been a few changes to the website, some of which I may reverse if I decide I don't like them. The World Rules have been upgraded as I found a full (not abridged) copy which adds a few interesting and useful sections. Several things are now covered in more detail which should make disputes/queries a bit easier to sort. There is also a Referee's guidance section at the end.

A couple of Sunday updates went up last night. No more today as I haven't received anything.

23 September - Well done (nearly) everybody. Wthin 48 hours of both Sunday and Wednesday games I had received results for every match. Unfortunately, warnings will be going out to several losing sides who failed to get their result emailed to the league, even if I have received the physical card in some cases.

The team contact emails have been updated for this season and should all be working if needed.

Competition forms will be prepared soon and should be available from early October for return probably at the end of that month, giving us three/four weeks until the scheduled Singles night.

11.05pm- Updates for tonight.

19 September - Quite a few updates throughout the website, removing some of the leftovers from last season!

9.30pm - too early for results yet, apart from the no-show. Further updates as I get them.

10.50pm - Couple more results in.

17 September - Most impressed! Had eight of the twelve result emails last night and only fully missing one at present. Hope Wednesday goes as well. Will keep updating results on the night as I am usually home in front of the computer anyway.

Playing around with the website at present, so if anything breaks I hope to fix it soon. Trying to fine tune and speed up a few sections. Learning all the time and finding more efficient ways to so the same thing, normally meaning less typing!

Sunday table up for what it's worth.

16 September - Finally getting this update online! (Updates updating as the results come in!)

Apologies if information has been a bit sparse recently. I have had a lot going on personally so Pool has not been a priority of late. Things should hopefully be back to normal now.

You should have all received the info regarding the rule changes and the need to get your results in within 48 hours. The results@exeterpool.com address is up and running. Get if touch if you have any queries although most of the information is in the 4 September post.

Thanks to everyone who turned up to the Presentation Night last Wednesday. Hope you enjoyed the food and drink!

Best of luck to all teams for the forthcoming season. Updated fixture list available to download from the Useful Forms links on this page.

4 September - A quick update on our progress so far. There are a few ideas winging around the committee for ratification but it will basically boil down to getting your results in electronically within 48 hours or face losing games as a penalty. Both winning and losing sides will have to submit a separate result and any team will face a penalty if they fail to submit theirs.

You would get two warnings and then start being deducted games for each late result. This will not affect the match result on the night but would be applied to the overall games scored total in the tables. As this could affect the end of season placings it should give a strong incentive to get your score in on time.

There will be a new results@exeterpool.com email address to send scores to (a bit shorter than the fixtures.sec one).

Confirmation of the changes will go out as soon as I get a decision from the rest of the committee.

21 August - Fixtures are now online and everyone should have had a relevant copy emailed to them. These are interim lists (well, page 1 anyway) until we can ratify the rules regarding sending in results, both emails and cards.

Lists can be downloaded from the Useful form section on this page.

15 August - Yes, we are still here, desperately trying to sort the new season.

Sunday is pretty well sorted with two divisions of six, playing each other over three cycles. Season will run from 16 September until Cup Final on 9 June.

Wednesday should be two divisions of eight, playing over two cycles from 19 September until Cup Final on 29 May with AGM on 5 June. There will be a couple of Individuals rounds on Wednesdays to hopefully get a few more turning up for their matches in the early stages.

Fixtures will be available online and distributed as soon as they have been ratified. Missing signature forms will also be going out and they must be back by the first game or those players will be ineligible to play.

Team lists are now online. These will be updated/corrected as more information comes in.

29 July - Three more Wednesday teams confirmed, bringing the total to 14. Teams still to be confirmed from the Duke of York.

Some updates to the Competition pages as we have received some cards from the recent games. Finalists will be confirmed asap.

26 July - Dates for the diary. Finals Night will be held on Wednesday 8 August at the Horse & Groom, Heavitree. Starts 7.45pm - all players to be in attendance by 7.50pm or they will be disqualified.

Presentation Night will be on Wednesday 12 September at the Wonford Inn.

The Wednesday league will start the week after. Sunday league will now be commencing either 16 or 23 September, depending on numbers.

23 July - Three more Wednesday teams confirmed with another six or seven either having hopefully dropped off forms or trying to do so. The full list of which teams have signed on so far in now on the appropriate day's page.

We are looking to commence on Sunday 9 September and Wednesday 12 September although both dates could be shifted slightly when we finally try to work out fixtures. Hopefully we should have the early rounds of the singles and possibly the pairs held on a Wednesday but well away from Team Cup games to avoid too many weeks without games as the season progresses.

21 July - As things stand, we have twelve Sunday teams registered and seven Wednesday teams. There are another couple of teams possible for Sunday and seven plus stragglers for Wednesday so overall numbers are similar to last year.

I am at the Clifton Inn today (Saturday) between 4 and 8pm if you wish to get your forms to me.

Otherwise, please email me, fixtures.sec@exeterpool.com, and we will sort something out.

We just need the number of players and the fees for now, signatures can be sorted later.

8 July - As yesterday's football result now means that the registration will clash with the semi-final, please note the following.

I will be at the Clifton on Wednesday, certainly by six if not earlier, so if you wish to register then you will be able to.

Otherwise we will try again on Wednesday 18 July, same times, same place.

You may also catch me on Saturday afternoon from 4pm-ish.

7 July - Draw received for the Individuals Semi-finals. Both games at Allstars, Tuesday 17 July.

Leon Jagodzinski versus Adrian Major
Glen Davies versus Simon Ward.

5 July - Quick update of the Individuals results I have received so far.

Hope to see as many teams as possible for the registration on Wednesday 11 July, 6-9pm at the Clifton Inn.

28 June - A few things from the AGM. Firstly, fees are now £25 per team and £3.00 per player - so now you know what it will cost at the registration on Wednesday 11 July, 6-9pm at the Clifton Inn.

Chris Yardley will be taking over as Competitions Secretary.

It has been voted in that results must be submitted by email/mms within 24 hours of the match. Full details still to be finalised and will be explained later. This will affect rules 19-21A.

Updated registration forms available from the links on this page. Hope to see most of you on Wednesday 11 July.

26 June - Few more Wednesday Divsion One scores and updates plus some cup results.

AGM is tomorrow night, 8pm at the Horse & Groom. Fees to be discussed as well as possible rule changes (see below).

Hopefully we can get a committee elected tomorrow or it will be a very short meeting!

20 June - The venue for the AGM next Wednesday is the Horse & Groom, 7.30 for 8pm start.

18 June - Still little sign of any outstanding results, not that they will affect the overall rankings but would be nice to have so I can wrap the season up.

Registration forms for next season are available to download (to the right or down at the bottom - depending on your device). They will also be emailed out as soon as possible. Fees are not listed as they will be decided upon at the AGM. Forms may be returned straight after the AGM (with payment) or a fortnight later on 11 July, details on the forms.

Venue for the AGM (27 June) will be confirmed as soon as someone gets back to me, probably the Wonford again.

Please note that I have an operation scheduled on Wednesday so will be unavailable much before the weekend.

10 June - Wednesday update online.

The Pair semi-final draw for July 13 is on the Competition Fixtures page.

7 June - Quick update for Wednesday and the Cup Final venue will be the Horse & Groom.

Draws are online for the Captains, Mixed Pairs and Individuals. Will try and get some info on the Pairs.

3 June - Wednesday and Competition updates online.

26 May - Sunday and Wednesday league updates and Individuals results online.

Several things from the Pre-AGM, the first of which is that the AGM has had to be moved back a week to Wednesday 27 June. Also, the registration forms will not be available until after the AGM as we have to decide the fees at the meeting.

Other proposals are: - to change the points awarded for table purposes to the match score, meaning both teams will receive points as long as they win games, i.e. if team A beat team B 5-2, team A get 5 points and team B get 2 points.

- changes to Rules 19-21A to clarify them and emphasize the need to get your own card in and on time.

21 May - We have had to move the venue for the Pre-AGM at the last minute. It will now be at the Horse & Groom this Wednesday commencing at 8pm.

20 May - Pre-AGM is this Wednesday at the Wonford Inn starting at 8pm.

Any proposals for the AGM need to be submitted in writing at this meeting. Any nominations for Committee positions should also be submitted to this meeting.

Registration forms for next season will be available online as soon as a technical query has been sorted. They will be due back at the AGM.

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