Sunday Contacts


Exeter Pool League.
C/o The Horse & Groom
50-52 Fore Street
Exeter EX1 2QL

07837 049991

Contacting other teams

Owing to a general lack of enthusiasm to allow us publish contact details we have come up with an email based system which will allow teams to be contacted without revealing personal details of who is on the receiving end.

Emails to these addresses will be forwarded to a team contact who will have to opportunity to reply using the team address (assuming they have set it up). A copy also forwards to the league when incoming although not outgoing. As most inter-team communication is to rearrange matches, this will keep the League informed as well.

Forwarding addresses can be altered, added to or removed at any time, just email us to get things changed. Please note that at present the forwarding addresses are either Team Contacts from the latest registration forms or team members who we have an address for if no email details given otherwise.

Forwarding addresses will be removed at the end of each season and a new set used subsequently, although probably many will be the same.

These are the team email addresses for this season:

Allstars X
Horse & Groom D
Horse & Groom N
Horse & Groom S
Railway Club A
Royal Oak

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