Exeter Pool League Constitutional Rules

Please note any recent changes to the league rules from the 2023 AGM. These are highlighted in blue or crossed through.

After some confusion last season, Rule 12 now states "awarded" win as opposed to "maximum" win to bring us back to how we have been operating since 2013.

Updated 18 September 2023 (Rule 6)

1.  The Executive Committee shall decide on the number of divisions, number of teams in each division, and format of all competitions, but shall consider wishes of members as far as possible.

2.  Where applicable, the top and bottom two three teams in each division shall be promoted and relegated respectively subject to the Executive Committee scrutiny of team players, team structure, and league structure on a seasonal basis. The Executive Committee reserves the right to any amendments.

Number increased to three for 2022-2023 season only to allow a rebalancing of the divisions.

3.  Sunday — minimum of 4 to maximum of 10 players registered

4.  Wednesday — minimum of 5 to maximum of 12 players registered

5.  The positions will be decided by the team scoring the highest number of points. Points are allocated two (2) for a win. If points are equal, then games won will firstly be taken into consideration, followed by frames won (highest), followed by games lost, then frames lost (lowest).

6.  All pool will be played to the International Eightball Rules in conjunction with Exeter Pool League’s own constitutional rules. (Although International Eightball Rule “6j - Shot Clock” - does not apply).

International RulesInternational Eightball Rules January 2023


7.  Sunday - matches will start at 7.30pm promptly. Match format is 4 singles followed by 2 doubles (all best of three frames)

    7a.  If the match finishes in a 3-3 draw then there will be a "Golden Frame" decider for the match.

8.  Wednesday - matches will start at 7.30pm promptly. Match format is 5 singles followed by 2 doubles (all best of three frames)

9.  There is a requirement for 3 players on a Wednesday and 3 players on a Sunday to be present at the start of the match eg. the break shot of the first frame of the match. No player arriving after 9pm will be permitted to take part in the match unless cleared with the opposing captain before the match commences (as above). Any player that is given an agreement to participate if arriving after 9pm also needs to be named to the opposing team captain prior to the match starting.

10.  Any re-match is to start from the score-line that the previous match ended at (excluding the frame in progress), with the players present on the original night having signed the back of the card to prove attendance. Only these players may take part in the completion of the match.

Unless otherwise stated by Exeter Pool League, any re-match is to take place at the original venue at a date and time to be agreed by both the team Captains. Failure to agree will result in the Committee deciding a date and possible alternative venue if deemed required.

11.  When a team is withdrawn or eliminated, all results involving that team become null and void.

12.    Any team unable to fulfil a fixture should notify both the opposing team Captain and the Fixtures Secretary as soon as possible with a minimum 2 hours warning prior to the start of the match. Failure to adhere to this may result in disciplinary measures.

Failure of a team to attend a match will result in an awarded win being given to their opponents provided those opponents submit a completed result form.

(Awarded win = 4-0 games/8-0 legs - changed at 2013 AGM from 2 points awarded with no games or legs).

Matches cannot be postponed unless under exceptional circumstances. The committee will decide on all such matters. Click here for guidance to this.

13.  Any team missing or re-arranging more than THREE scheduled league matches will result in that team being eliminated from the league.

Whilst supporting the good practise of “sporting behaviour”, it is however also the right of any Captain to refuse a request to re-arrange a match should they be willing to fulfil the original date, in which case they will be given an awarded win.

(Any member of any team eliminated will be subject to a £5.00 fine which will be payable before he/she is allowed to sign for another team during the season. This is open to appeal.)

14.    The home team is to pay table costs.

15.  The home team is to provide suitable cues and rests.

16.  The standard of the table is to be accepted by the away team prior to the start of a match. This may mean the away team being given the opportunity to play a frame prior to a match commencing

No complaints will be accepted by the Committee after a match has been played. If a table is not up to an acceptable standard, the away team may refuse to play and the table must be put right and a new date arranged for a re-match. The away team must notify the Committee immediately.

17.  Games are to be refereed alternately by the home and away teams (home team to referee first).

18.  The referee’s decision is final.

19.  The captain of each team is responsible for submitting their own copy of the result, i.e. both home and away teams need to submit a separate result notification for the same match. A clear and legible picture of your completed result sheet must be sent to the League by email to results@exeterpool.com. Results must go to this address or they will be classified as "missing".

20.  If any team (winning or losing) fails to submit their result by email by midnight of the second day following the match, i.e Tuesday for a Sunday game or Friday for a Wednesday game, they will face a penalty of the removal of one game from their overall season total. This will not affect the result of matches on the night.

On first occasion teams to be warned. From the second occasion onwards games to be deducted.

If the winning team fails to submit their result by email within the time period above, the losing team will be awarded that result as their own (eg. score fully reversed including legs) providing they have correctly submitted their result in that time.

If neither team submits a result within the time period above, both teams will be subject to Rule 13) and the fixture will be deemed as unfulfilled. (‘Missing’ results will be indicated on the relevant results page).

21.  Result sheets must be fully completed with legs, frames, player names, AND signatures on the card.

For League fixtures, the home team is to sign the card first for every leg (for Team Cups see 40.)

22.  The subscriptions for each team participating in any division shall be decided at the A.G.M. (eg. fees set for the following year). All team registration fees must accompany the registration form, to be returned to the Executive Committee at the time and venue advised.

23.  Registration forms that are incomplete or missing the necessary fees will not be accepted. No late entries will be accepted.

24.  Any team withdrawing after registration but before the start of the season will forfeit their fees.

Any team withdrawing after the start of the season will be subject to a £5.00 per player fine and will not be eligible to play in Exeter Pool League until such a time as the fine is paid (See 13).

25.  Registered members may transfer to another team, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, upon the payment of a £5.00 transfer fee. They will be unable to play for fourteen days from receipt of the registration form or online notification and also not until the fee and form are received by the League.

26.  Any player found to be signed for more than one team will not be allowed to play for either team and will be liable for a fine, payable before he/she will be allowed to play for any team in the future.

27.  Extra signings will cost £3.00 (after initial team registration). These can only be accepted on the approval of the Executive Committee. There can be no signing “on the night”, regardless of division. Players are unable to play for seven days from receipt of the registration form or online notification and also not until the fee and form are received by the League.

The Committee has the right to refuse any player(s) signing on for a team after the registration form has been received.

28.  Any team playing an unregistered player will forfeit the match and will be awarded nil (0) points. The opponents will receive maximum points. The captain of the team will also face disciplinary action.

29.  Any team or player reported for behaviour likely to bring the game into disrepute, shall, if found guilty of the alleged offence, be banned from playing pool in all Exeter Pool League divisions and Competitions.

30.  Any matter that cannot be resolved by the General Committee will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee.

31.  In the event of outside interference by spectators affecting the course of any game or its result, the match shall be declared void and the circumstances reported to the League Secretary within 48 hours of the event. If the Executive Committee find such interference was within the control of a team or the Captain to prevent, then that player or team/teams may be eliminated from all League, Cup, and other competition fixtures.

32.  Coaching is not allowed, and if reported to the Executive Committee may be subject to disciplinary action. The referee should warn those concerned.

33.  In doubles games, the oncoming player must approach the table as soon as the opponents visit is over with. Eg. no conferring with partner after the white ball comes to rest.

34.  Any disputes will be handled in the first instance by the General Committee, and all complaints should be made in writing to the League Secretary within seven (7) days of the event.

35.  If a player is banned or refused access to a Public House or Club by the licensee/landlord, then that decision is final. Exeter Pool League can have no valid opinion of who is or isn’t permitted on to a premise for which a licensee rightly exercises full control.

36.  Venues must provide an acceptable environment, table (see 16), and equipment (see 15).

37.  Each venue will only be allowed to enter a maximum of two teams per table on any given night (eg. up to two per table on both a Wednesday and a Sunday).

38.  In order for any match or game to be re-arranged, both Captains must be in agreement (see 12 & 13)

39.  The Executive Committee must be notified of any re-arranged matches (see 12 & 13).

40.  For team Cup matches the home team will sign the card first, and alternate thereafter with the away team (for League matches see 21).

A neutral venue will be chosen by the Competitions secretary for any Semi-Final and Final (in which the team drawn first will be considered the home team purely for establishing who signs the card first).

41.  Team Cup matches will start at the same time as League matches.

42.  Any player involved in a team Cup match (Wednesdays and Sundays) MUST have participated in any ONE League match since their teams last Cup match eg. 1 x Wednesday League match for Wednesday Cup, or 1 x Sunday League match for Sunday Cup - no Wednesday/Sunday combinations.

(EXCEPTIONAL circumstances will be considered by the Committee in advance cases only).

This rule does not apply to Preliminary or First round matches.

43.  Any individual playing in a Team Cup Final MUST have participated in a previous team Cup round for that team, in addition to fulfilling 42.

44.  Players need to be registered to a Wednesday or Sunday team to enter competitions (other than one member of a doubles or mixed doubles team).

45.  Competition dates will be decided near the start of the season (but after all entries are received). All participants should be informed of relevant venue at least 2 weeks before a game/round is scheduled. There should be no change of date/venue other than in unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances.

45A.  The entry price for Captain’s Cup, Landlord’s Cup, Ladies, and Mixed Doubles will be £1 per player, per competition entered. A trophy will be awarded to the winner(s) and runner(s)-up.

Entry fee for Singles will be £3 per player, and Doubles entry will be £5 for a pair. In addition to a trophy being awarded to the winner(s) and runner(s)-up, in the case of both of these competitions the total prize fund will be split 70 / 30 between the winner(s) and runner(s)-up after the price of trophies has been deducted.

Eg . if 50 entrants in to singles, 50 x £3 = £150 total pot. Minus trophy cost (eg £50), leaves £100. So this would leave £70 to winner and £30 to runner-up.

46.  If selected venue are not willing to provide an “open table”, players involved in match to come to an agreement over table costs.

47.  All competitions eg. Singles, Doubles etc must have all players in attendance to register for draw by 7:50pm. Late arrival will result in elimination.

48.  Players who are playing a game cannot go out for a cigarette whilst doing so, eg. immediately as they are due to start their game, or when balls are being set up ready to start the next frame etc. If a player is found to have done this, then it will result in loss of frame against them.

49.  Exeter Pool League requires a minimum player age of 14. In addition to this, prior to the first game of any given season we also require proof of age (eg. birth certificate, passport, driving license) for any player under 18 wishing to play.  

Any active player suspected or reported to be under 18 will be suspended indefinitely until such time as they prove otherwise, and their team will be penalised accordingly.

If a player is under the required age for entry in to any given venue and therefore gets refused access by the licensee/landlord, then that decision is final. Exeter Pool League can have no valid opinion of who is or isn’t permitted on to a premise for which a licensee rightly exercises full control.

50.  The use of a mobile phone when you are playing your game (singles and/or doubles) is strictly forbidden. This includes between frames should it cause a delay. By holding up the natural flow of the frame and match, you are disrespecting your opponent, and causing an unnecessary wait. If at any point during your game the use of a mobile phone happens to delay the normal progress of the match, then in the first instance a “Standard Foul” should be called against you by the referee. In the second instance, a “Loss Of Frame” foul should be called against you.

(If you are expecting an emergency call eg. pregnant partner, or terminally ill relative etc, then pre-empt this with the referee before your game commences and an exception should be made).

All correspondence should be addressed to the League Secretary c/o The Horse & Groom.
These rules are subject to addition or alteration by the Committee at any time.
Any additions or changes to be advised at the A.G.M. or an E.G.M.

Guidance for “Exceptional circumstances” - League Rule 12.

Exceptional circumstances that will be allowed come under two categories.

The main one is where it affects both teams equally i.e. severe weather, transport/road problems, illness (of epidemic/pandemic proportions), national events, etc.

The second is where any of the above reasons affect one team to the extent that it prevents the entire team from attending a match.

Entire team is critical here as the committee will work on the basis that anything affecting only part of a team, (team defined as total players registered), will not count if there are a bare minimum number of players theoretically available.

All committee decisions are open to appeal. Please do so in writing within seven days of notification of any refusal for a postponement.

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