Welcome to the Winter 2015-16 website

26 April - Any teams still not entered have until Wednesday evening when we have a committee meeting to determine divisions etc. Results and tables checked and updated where necessary.

21 April - Results from the Finals Night are on the Competitions page.
A few more Sunday teams have come forward and we hope to get the divisions for Wednesday sorted this weekend or possibly next Wednesday. Fixtures will be emailed out as soon as they are ready.

18 April - Will all those who have promised to get forms in but not done please note that we need them asap as we want to sort divisions and get the fixtures out. We now have sufficient teams to operate the Sunday league (just!).

12 April - Just been informed of the venue for the Finals Night. It will be held at Allstars commencing at 7.45 pm. All welcome.
A few more teams have come forward for the Summer but Sunday numbers are still low. A final decision will be taken at the weekend but six teams is probably the absolute minimum and we presently have three.

11 April - Latest updates online. The turn-out for Summer registration was rather low this year. If you still wish to enter a team please let me know asap and we can organise things. Sunday numbers are presently too low to be viable but hopefully a few more teams should show up.

3 April - Latest league updates online. The following scores are 'missing'
Division One
24 JAN    AllStars C    v    W & P Labour Club
31 JAN    Dolphin B    v    AllStars C
14 FEB    Railway Club St Thomas    v    AllStars L
6 MAR    AllStars C    v    AllStars L

Division Two
11 OCT    Farmers Union    v    Exeter Inn B
10 JAN    Exeter Inn B    v    Farmers Union
24 JAN    Duke of York    v    Exeter Inn B
31 JAN    Exeter Inn B    v    Crossbar
7 FEB    Exeter Inn B    v    AllStars B
14 FEB    Sorry Head    v    Exeter Inn B
28 FEB    Exeter I
nn B    v    Horse & Groom

Division One
9 MAR    Heavitree Social Club    v    Exeter Snooker Club

Division Two
4 NOV    Exeter Inn    v    Dolphin
16 MAR    Exeter Inn    v    Winchester

Division Three
3 JAN    AllStars B    v    Devon Yeoman

A reminder that Summer registration will be this Friday evening at the Clifton Inn.

29 March - Doubles details for 5 April now online. Unfortunately we have seen no results for the last round so cannot publish any details of participents.

28 March - Clifton Inn Z team inform me that they have withdrawn from Wednesday Division Two. Fixtures and tables have been adjusted accordingly.

27 March - Latest updates online. There are still a large number of outstanding results for Sunday games. Some details of these would be appreciated.

23 March - The venue for the Landlords/Landladies Cup (Tuesday 29 March) has had to be changed and will now take place at the Clifton Inn.
Summer registration forms for Sunday and Wednesday are available to download via the links in the right hand column. Registration will be on Friday 8 April. Details on forms.

19 March - Latest updates and corrections online. With the Sunday season drawing to a close a reminder to all teams that if you have oustanding results they need to be in asap. I presently know of only one rearranged fixture.

13 March - Latest league updates. Summer registration forms will be available as soon as we sort out the registration date and venue.

10 March - Competition details for rest of the season are on the Competitions fixtures page having finally got them from the Competitions Secretary. League updates on Sunday as usual.

6 March - Dolphin A have withdrawn from Sunday Division One. Tables have been adjusted. Latest updates online.

3 March - Latest League updates. I did attempt to email the cup details below last weekend but had problems with any hotmail/MSN/live email address being rejected. This was a problem between the webhosting firm and Microsoft which has now been resolved. I did at least learn that about a third of you have hotmail etc addresses!

28 February - Latest Competition details are as follows.
Ladies on Tuesday 1 March - All ladies at ClIfton please. 7 entrants can draw themselves in to a table of 4 and a table of 3 (+ 1 bye) with winner from each table going through to final.
Mixed Pairs on Tuesday 8 March - All 8 mixed doubles pairings to play at Horse & Groom.
4 pairs on each table with winner from each table progressing in to Final to be played on Finals Night.
Table 1 - D Dowle & C Tatman,  D Best & J Hutchins, J Barnes & D Gill, G Smalldon & K Rothery
Table 2 - A Hornblower & G Hellier, T Wannell & S Wannell, J Guscott & J Henderson, L Jagodzinski & C Lambeth

21 February - Latest updates onine. Captains Cup details to follow as soon as I get them are as follows:
Prelim round @ Clifton Inn
N Cornish, G Crowe, P Salter and C Yardley. 1 to qualify.
All others have a Bye to the next round.
Apologies from the Competitions Secretary who forgot to send the details to me before.

18 February - Sunday League updates as well as some more competition results and the Wednesday Cup Semifinal draw

11 February - Doubles prelim details online as well as the Sunday Cup semi draw.

8 February - Singles this Wednesday. Hopefully there will be some Cup and competition details soon if the Competitions Secretary reads his emails.

4 February - Another update as I collected enough cards on Wednesday.

2 February - Minor update as I haven't picked up any cards since Saturday. Back to the Dentist on Wednesday evening so may not be available early evening.

28 January - Apologies to anyone trying to contact me Wednesday night. Two hours in a dentists chair plus recovery took priority in addition to a flat phone battery.
Singles draw details are on the competitions pages as well as the dates for the other competitions. League updated as well.

23 January - Latest Team Cup results.

17 January - Latest updates. The Duke of York has closed again for refurbishment so both the Sunday and Wednesday teams are now operating from the Horse and Groom in Heavitree and will do so for the rest of the season.

10 January - Latest updates online including a couple of missing cup scores.

5 January - Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. I was away hence no update until tonight. The Team Cup fixtures for Sunday and Wednesday are now online although we would appreciate clarification of a couple of results from the last rounds!

24 December - Seasons greetings to you all!
Latest updates online. I am away next week so this may be the last update this year, in which case I wish you all a Happy New Year.

20 December - Latest updates for Cup and League

12 December - Wednesday Cup fixtures online with latest league updates.

7 December - Sunday Cup fixtures now online. The Duke of York teams inform me that the pub has reopened and the teams are back there again.

6 December - Latest updates. Cup fixtures will follow as soon as they are received.
The Duke of York is presently shut and the Sunday and Wednesday teams are operating from the Mount Radford.

26 November - Latest League and Competition updates.

22 November - Latest League updates.

18 November - A quick update to clarify that if you have entered the singles and your name does not appear in the 25 November fixtures then you have a Bye through to 10 February round.

16 November - Draw now online for the Singles prelims (25 November). Sunday results updated as well.

15 November - Latest updates online. Competition details hopefully tomorrow.
The General Buller A team (Wednesday division two) have relocated to the Clifton Inn and will now operate as the Clifton Inn Z team.

8 November - Latest updates online. We hope to have some competition details in the next few days.

4 November - A reminder that no further competition forms will be accepted after Friday evening so please get any more in by then. Latest updates online.

1 November - It is now confirmed that there is no Allstars D team in Sunday division two so please insert  a Bye into the fixtures. Tables have been adjusted.
We received several competition entry forms last Friday. If you have not got yours in please do so as soon as possible so that the draws can be sorted.

27 October - Wednesday teams info now online with a couple of omissions which will be chased up.
Sunday Division One - Allstars A team will now be the Clifton Inn team with appropriate change of venue. It is believed that there is no Allstars D team in Sunday Division Two (and never was!) but this will be confirmed.
Competition entry forms are due in this Friday. I will be at the Clifton Inn from around 6pm until 10ish. Forms still available via the competitions page or email info@exeterpool.com.

25 October - Latest updates online. The Stoke Arms B team in Wednesday Division Three inform me that they are unable to raise a team and have therefore withdrawn. Tables and fixtures have been amended accordingly. This also affects the Team Cup draw for this Wednesday.
There is a possible relocation of a Sunday team, hopefuly they will confirm this today. They are away today so it will not affect any fixture.
Sunday team lists now online.

19 October - Latest updates online along with the Sunday Team Cup prelim draw.
In Wednesday Division Three the General Buller B team are relocating to the Clifton Inn effective immediately and will now be known as the Clifton Inn B team.  
Team lists are being worked on and will be up at the weekend.

17 October - The complete Wednesday Cup draw is now online. A technical hitch meant that half the fixtures were omitted previously meaning some of you who thought they had a bye now have a game, so please check.

15 October - Wednesday Team Cup draw (prelims) now online. See Wednesday or Comps fixtures for details. Some Wednesday updates as well. Apologies for delays in the team listings. I had a crash last week and haven't recovered enough until recently to face the task of typing several hundred names onto the system. Should all be up this weekend.

13 October - Latest updates and  a correction so that the forms on the contacts page actually download properly now. Still awaiting Team Cup draw.

11 October - Latest updates online. Should have the Wednesday Team Cup draw soon.

8 October - A few scores online and the updated competition entry form which is on the competitions page along with some details for entries.

5 October - New website is now online. All fixtures are on their appropriate pages and there is now a full and updated set of League Rules under the Contacts page (see menu bar above).

4 October - I regret that we have already lost the King Billy from Wednesday Division Two for the winter.  The fixture list has been updated and is available from the link on the right. The fully updated website will follow as soon as it is ready.
Summer results and tables have been updated with all scores received to date.
I am still missing the following scores - any results or indication of whether a game has been re-arranged would be appreciated.


2 AUG    Stoke Arms    v    The Port Royal

16 AUG    Exeter Snooker Club    v    Stoke Arms

6 SEP    Exeter Inn    v    Stoke Arms

20 SEP   Exeter Inn   v   Exeter Snooker Club
                 Dolphin   v   Port Royal   

Division One
13 MAY    Winchester B    v    Village Inn

29 JULY    Winchester B    v    Railway Club South

    Railway Club South    v   Heavitree Social A

19 AUG    Railway Club South    v    W & P Labour Club A

16 SEP    Kings Z    v    Heavitree Social A

Division Two

26 AUG    Exeter Inn A    v    Stoke Arms B 

23 SEP   Wonford Inn   v   King Billy

27 September - Latest updates. Winter fixtures have been emailed out and are also available to the right (click on the next fixtures Wed or Sun for the fixture list).

20 September - Latest updates online. Having now got confirmation of all but one team there will be a provisional set of fixtures online later. Games should commence on Wednesday 7 October and Sunday 11 October. Numbers are as stated below.  

13 September - Latest updates now online. I will be chasing missing scores in the next few days as we are nearing the end of the season so if you have any outstanding scores please let me know. Divisions have been provisionally sorted for the winter  with two Sunday divisions of ten teams and three Wednesday divisions of nine teams, subject to the final few registration forms coming in. Fixtures should hopefully be online by the end of the week.

6 September - Latest updates online.  A reminder that any outstanding registration forms need to be with me by Wednesday evening as we aim to sort the divisons then.

3 September - Many thanks to all who registered last night at the AGM. Now there is credit back on the pool phone I am going through the backlog of calls and messages and also contacting all those who I feel may have missed things for some reason. If you are still intending to enter a winter team please email me at info@exeterpool.com asap as the final cut-off point will be next Wednesday.
If you have filled in a competitions form please note that owing to changes made at the AGM they are going to be re-issued in the next couple of weeks and will be due back late October