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18 December - Having eventually found where I put the cards, here are the latest league updates.

Competition entry forms due in this Wednesday (22 November). Although it says 7-9pm on the form I should be there from around 5.30-6pm if it is any help to you.

17 November - Following the production of the printable version, the World Rules are now online as well. Click on rules in the menu to go straight to them, Exeter league rules can be accessed from there. Referees guidance notes will follow when a suitable copy has been sourced.

16 November - Sunday Team Cup fixtures now online.

15 November - A few more Sunday and Wenesday updates.

13 November - A quick update for Wednesday and the one Sunday result received so far.

Don’t forget that we will need your competition entry forms back next week (22 November). For those of you playing Cup matches that night we will come to some arrangement.

9 November - Wednesday Cup Prelims draw at last.

Heart of Oak B v Exeter Snooker Club B, Heavitree Social Club A v Wonford Inn, Allstars DT v Duke of York A, Clifton Inn B v Allstars B.

All other teams have a Bye.

7 November - Most Sunday cards received so updates online.

In response to requests for copies of the World Rules I have finally recovered the text from a totally impossible to read official A4 pdf and produced a readable two page version. You can download this pdf from the download links on this page. The sections with a blue background refer to the "Time Rules" which we do not play.

5 November - Updates for Sunday and Wenesday now online.

A quick moan. I have received some incomplete scorecards this week with missing scores, no captain’s signatures and confusion where players have signed the wrong side which has been indicated but not whether the score swaps as well. Whilst I can easily spot mistotalled legs scores if I have no score for a game it makes this job rather difficult, so could you all make sure that the cards are completed properly when they are signed off at the end of the match.

Will try and chase the Wednesday Cup prelim draw this week.

1 November - Updates for Sunday and Wednesday now online.

Finally going back to work this afternoon after six months off. Hope I remember how it is all done after all that time.

28 October - A few more Wednesday scores and table updates.

26 October - Latest updates online.

Team lists online are being checked and verified owing to a few problems and omissions partly caused by signatures on the back of cards. All teams received extra signing forms which must be used for any further signings. Any signings on the back of cards will be ignored from now on. All extra signings must be accompanied by the relevant fees or the signing will not be processed.

I hope to be able to put the Wednesday Team Cup fixtures online soon, as soon as I receive them.

23 October - More updates to results and tables as more and more results are coming in via electronic means. Probably get another as soon as this is uploaded.

22 October - Couple more updates to Wednesday results and tables.

From a conversation with a Duke of York captain it appears that all the teams have moved to the Horse and Groom permanently. Luckily they have sufficient tables to cope on Sundays and were playing each other tonight anyway.

We will leave the names as they are for the time being and reminders will go out that the Duke of York teams now play at the Horse & Groom - Heart of Oak take note for Wednesday.

Don’t forget that the Competition forms are now available to download from this page.

20 October - Said the tables were of use to me. Wednesday Div one had all the right numbers but the teams were totally wrong. Updated now with latest scores received. All other tables are correct.

19 October - Updates for Sunday and Wednesday online along with tables (not particularly useful yet except to me).

The contact email setup instructions have gone out so hopefully that should be working now. Still need email addressesfor Allstars B, both Devon Yeoman teams and the Globe Inn for Wednesdays and Heavitree Social and both Railway Club St Thomas for Sundays. A couple of the Sunday teams I had addresses for but they keep bouncing back as undeliverable. Will keep trying them though.

Competition pages have been cleared ready for the dates when (if) I get them. Have just seen we collected the forms on the night of the Team Cup prelims last year so will do the same again this season. Forms are now available from the downloads list on this page.

17 October - The email system for contacting teams has now been set up and details and addresses are on the Contacts and Teams pages. Emails will be going out specifically to those chosen to be contacts with details of how to set up outgoing emails (if they wish).

Competition forms will be online shortly, I just need to know from the Competitions Secretary what the timetable for this season is to know when the forms need to be back by.

16 October - Typing this listening to some rather ominous creaking from the oak tree outside my house! Couple of results so far for updates along with tweaks/corrections here and there.

The Globe Inn have confirmed that they should have a team and are continuing this season. A sudden change of landlord last week caused a bit of confusion with the players.

15 October - Nearly all the Wednesday cards in now and results updated. Tables will go up after the next games.

Both the Duke of York Wednesday teams will be operating from the Horse & Groom, Heavitree, for the time being. I am aware of a refurbishment due at the Duke but there appears to be other problems as well. Will advise of the situation when details are confirmed.

Not sure of the situation at the Globe Inn either and will try and confirm what is happening there.

Email scheme mentioned below will be sorted this week. A lot more work setting it up then I originally thought and I also had to rewrite the spreadsheets for the results as a priority. I could do with email addresses for Devon Yeoman A and B teams, Allstars B and Allstars DT (all Wednesday) and Railway Club St Thomas B (Sunday).

12 October - First results filtering through, first email picture result received at 10.14pm yesterday, pretty good going!

As I have received no frantic calls or emails about games I assume that everything was as organised as I hoped. Not bad considering the short time I had to try and put everything together.

Slightly later than promised, here are the thoughts on a contact email system. Basically, every team will be allocated an email address - i.e. for the Clifton Inn A Wednesday team or stoweyarms-b.sun for the Stowey Arms B Sunday team. Emails sent to these addresses will automatically forward to both myself and any team member I have an email address for from that team, normally the specified team contact. As most contact requests are for rearranging games this allows me to keep track of things and pass on messages if there is no email address for the team. Details of how to set up your own device to send from the team address will be supplied so you can withold your private details but still be able to contact anyone you have to. Outgoing emails are not monitored. Will put a full contact list online once I have checked everything is set up properly and email contacts are notified with full details to set up their end if required.

6 October - Wednesday team lists are now online and will be updated when the various missing signature/query forms are back. There will be a slight amnesty on these owing to the problems getting them out, but do get them in by this Wednesday if you can. Sunday lists will follow soon with the same applying.

The permission to publish was only signed on a few forms meaning contacts are having to come through the League again which causes no end of extra work even assuming anyone is available to forward the message in time. We have a possible anonymous contact system via email if that is what you would prefer though this will only work as long as we have at least one email address from each team to redirect messages to. Details of how it would work to follow this weekend.

Competition forms will be available once a timetable is worked out with the new Competitions Secretary.

Thankfully, I will be returning to work on November 1st which will make my bank manager happy again, especially with the bill for the car. Will probably need retraining after six months off though! Pool should not be affected too much by this (hopefully).

4 October - Best laid plans to get fixtures, cards, etc out have gone awry with clutch failure on my car. Plan B in action and bits will be delivered asap and should be before the first games next week!

Fixtures are now downloadable from this page (to right or at bottom depending on device).

For those Wednesday Div 2 teams worried about the gap before the end of season, we shall organise something to fit in the six weeks available depending on numbers who wish to continue playing. Will be in contact later.

1 October - After quite a few hours work juggling things around the fixtures are now up on the relevant pages.

This coming season will be strange for everyone involved and has involved a lot of work here at Mission Control to try and quickly find a solution that works and that hopefully the majority of you are happy with. The mathematics says that we play with divisions of six or eight playing two or three cycles of fixtures or divisions of twelve to sixteen playing one cycle. This we (I) have hopefully achieved. Wednesday Division Two finishing their league games in April is a compromise to avoid several teams dropping out through not wishing to play into the summer. There is still quite a bit more work to do altering the spreadsheets used to accommodate the fixture changes and the change to the Sunday game format but that won't affect things now. Next year should be a lot more organised.

If anyone doesn't like what I have produced and thinks they can do a better job then I will be quite happy for them to take over!

Mission Control…

Mission Control wideMission Control leftMission Control right

29 September - The motion was carried on Wednesday night so we will be switching to a single long season from now.

Matches should commence Wednesday 11 and Sunday 15 October through to next June for both days.

Sunday will be two divisions of eight teams (seven plus a Bye) playing a double set of fixtures over 28 weeks plus team cups. Wednesday division one will be of eight teams also playing a double set with division two having twelve teams playing a 22 week single fixture set and finishing their league games several weeks earlier in April. We have gone for this as the best arrangement due to the time constraints. It should be a lot more balanced next year.

Fixtures should be online by the end of the weekend and a package of fixture lists, result cards, competition forms, etc will be delivered over the next few days (hopefully by Wednesday).

24 September - Don't forget the EGM this Wednesday, 8pm at the Wonford Inn. The future of Exeter Pool is literally in your hands this time so we need as many teams represented as possible. See below for details if you missed it earlier.

Fixtures will be sorted as soon as possible once we know what we are doing so we can get things underway.

Finally… a highly unlikely change for the future.

Banana pool tableBanana pool top

9 September - Final postponed Wednesday game has been played and final tables updated.

We are calling an Extraordinary General Meeting, 8pm Wednesday 27 September at the Wonford Inn, to vote on a possible major change to the League structure during the year. Full details are being emailed out and can be downloaded from this link. (EGM PDF Download)

Basically we are proposing a single nine month season running normally from mid September to around mid June, leaving July and August free. Teams would still play about the same number of games per year as they do now. Please discuss this with all your team members as we need each team's decision either way at the EGM and each team is strongly advised to send a representative to the EGM to vote on their behalf. If voted in this will commence immediately.

Fixtures will be sorted and published as soon after the EGM as possible.

Two things from the AGM. 1 - A change to Sunday format. There will now be a fourth singles game (allowing all four of a minimum team to play a singles game) which means there is now the possibility of a drawn match. 2 - Finals Night and Presentation Night will also be held on the same night at the end of the season.

2 September - Couple more updates to complete Wednesday Division Two and final table online.

Further news about the winter season will be online Thursday/Friday.

31 August - After the meeting last night the following teams have been confirmed for the winter.

Sunday - Allstars A, Allstars Leon, Duke of York, Exeter Inn Wanderers, Exeter Snooker Club, Heavitree Social Club B, Horse & Groom A, Horse & Groom B, Lucombe Oak, Railway Club St Thomas A, Railway Club St Thomas B, Stowey Arms A, Stowey Arms B.

Wednesday - Allstars B, Allstars DT, Clifton A, Clifton Inn B, Duke of York A, Duke of York B, Exeter Snooker Club A, Exeter Snooker Club B, Globe Inn, Heart of Oak A, Heart of Oak B, Heavitree Social Club A, Kings Z, Lucombe Oak, Railway Club South, Seven Stars, Village Inn, Wonford Inn.

Because of developments from last nights' meeting publication of the fixtures will be delayed for a short while. Full details to follow as soon as practical.

30 August - AGM tonight, about 8pm at the Wonford Inn.

At present we have eleven Sunday teams and sixteen Wednesday ones so probably one Sunday and two Wednesday divisions. If we can get divisions sorted tonight then I should be able to sort the fixtures by the weekend.

Despite a lot of pub visits and badgering of people there are still a few possible teams who have not got back to me so will most probably lose out this winter. I know one landlord is not very happy with the person supposedly sorting his (3 or 4) teams!