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28 May - Having received a large pile of cards this evening, here are the results and tables for Sunday and Wednesday plus a tweak to this page to make it more legible. Back to normal this week hopefully.

Further to the Clifton Inn B team telling me they wished to withdraw (23 May), they then contcted me to ask to be re-instated as they had sorted their squad problems out. However, they missed the opening two games of the season so fall foul of Rule 13 which eliminates them anyway so will remain withdrawn.

Still awaiting confirmation of the shifting of dates for the Presentation Night and the venue, probably the Railway Club St Thomas. Will confirm when I can get any replies from the committee!

27 May - Apologies for the lack of updated scores etc. on the website. My courier has not been able to get in to see me this week so the last lot of cards I received was from the first week. Hopefully more should arrive tomorrow.

After only three weeks of treatment since the accident I have been informed that they consider me mobile and able enough to return home early next week. Hopefully I can get in to collect the cards myself soon so things should get back to normal before too long.

The committee have informed me that they wish to move the date of the Presentation night back to 19th July for various reasons. As this is a week before the pre-AGM we may have to shuffle the late July and August fixtures a bit. Will let everyone know as soon as they get back to me.

23 May - Moved from the hospital to Mardon House for rehab. May have some idea of timescales involved after some more assesments. Until then, as then getting of cards and things to me is dependent on visitors, the updates here may be a bit hit and miss. Hoping to get the last weeks' cards tonight. Normal service will be resumed sometime! I have internet access (somewhat patchy) so appreciate the ones who are emailing the results to me.

Clifton Inn B team have informed me that they have withdrawn as they cannot guarantee enough players for a team each week. The fixtures have been altered accordingly.

17 May - Updates for last week.

Have received an extra signing (details on the Wednesday team info pages) and a card with a signing on the back. As I have neither details of which team this person is wanting to sign for or the necessary fee then that player (David Hooper) will be unable to play until the registration is submitted properly on the correct form. Link to extra signing forms on this page. (I did receive a signing or two prior to the season but will not be able to update the website until I can get home. They have been officially processed though.)

16 May (I think, the days all merge into one after a while) - Many thanks for the kind messages I have received so far. I am on the mend but it will be months rather than weeks to full fitness but the signs are encouraging.

Had a result emailed in so here is the update. Gives me something to do anyway. Hopefully I can get one of the committee to get the cards to me so I can do the updates properly.

I believe there is a meeting Wednesday to sort the venue for the Presentation Night. More news when I get it.

Last thing - I am not entirely sure where the Pool League phone is but it has probably gone flat anyway after ten days so make any enquiries by email as I can pick them up ok.

12 May - As stated below, I am in hospital (Durbin ward) for now with a stabilised neck fracture. I have some internet connection so if you are able to email your results to me I can get on with updating results and tables and not have to rely on someone picking up the cards before I can do anything. Normal service will be resumed when I am able to walk unaided again and not rely on a frame (improving every day so far).

Hope you have all worked out that the Sunday game format is incorrect. Just play as usual for that day.

9 May - Three things. Sunday game details are incorrect on the fixtures lists. Games to be played normal Sunday format & time.

No second Duke team entering.

This is being typed in a hospital bed at the Orthopedic where I am recovering from two fractured neck vertebrae. Will try to keep things up to date as well as I can but will be rather isolated until I can walk properly again.

1 May - The Duke of York have expressed an interest in entering a second team on Wednesdays taking the Bye position in Division Two. This is feasible although it would require swapping the existing Duke of York A and Village Inn teams in the fixture list to avoid any two team/one table problems. Unfortunately I was not given any contact details for the new team so need to get in touch to discuss matters. Could the prospective captain please either phone or email so we can sort this.

If anyone has a valid reason why we should not allow an extra team in (avoiding a Bye), please let us know.

17 April - Archive section now fully updated and revamped by splitting into single years.

16 April - Team lists now online.

15 April - The Summer fixtures are now online and available to download. The website will gradually be updated for the summer.

13 April - Results from last night's finals.
SINGLES - Olly Martin beat Marcus White
DOUBLES - Marcus White & Olly Martin beat Joel Martin & Gavin Smalldon
MIXED - Claire & Ryan Lambeth beat Traci & Steve Wannell
CAPTAINS - Gary Smalldon beat Traci Wannell
LADIES - Karen Rothery beat Claire Lambeth
LANDLORDS - Andy Taylor beat Nigel Cook

Wednesday division one - Allstars, Exeter Snooker A, Exeter Snooker B, Heavitree Social A, Heavitree Social B, Railway Club South, Wonford Inn.
Division Two - Clifton A, Clifton B, Duke of York A, Heart of Oak, Seven Stars Kennford, Ship & Pelican B, Village Inn.
Sunday as listed below.

There are still a possible two team places for both Wednesday and Sunday. If interested please contact us by the Weekend when the fixtures will be published.

9 April - Many thanks to all who have registered for the Summer. At present we have the bare minimum of six required for Sunday and sufficient for two Wednesday divisions. If you have still not entered your team then please contact us ASAP, preferably today. I will be in the Clifton from about 4pm today if you still have a form to get in. Hoping to sort the league fully this Wednesday.

Teams confirmed for Sunday - Horse & Groom A and B, Allstars Leon, Exeter Snooker Club B, Stowey Arms and Exeter Inn B.

Teams confirmed for Wednesday - Heart of Oak, Heavitree Social A and B, Ship & Pelican, Exeter Snooker Club A and B, Clifton A and B, Allstars, Railway Club South, Village Inn and Wonford Inn. Seven Stars probable.

4 April - The Finals Night will be on Wednesday 12 April at the Clifton Inn.

Summer registration is also at the Clifton this Friday (7 April) between 7 and 9pm.

2 April - Some minor technical updates to the website so it should behave properly now.

Emails have gone out about the Summer registration so hopefully there will be loads of teams there on Friday. Please note that, as usual, there will be an absolute minimum of six teams for Sunday to make it worthwhile. The more the merrier.

31 March - Final results and Tables for Wednesday now online along with Captains Cup results. A reminder that registration for the Summer is next Friday (7 April) 7-9pm at the Clifton Inn. Forms still available from the downloads section on this page.

25 March - Wednesday updates before I set off to the pub to celebrate my birthday!