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Please note that sometimes there are result updates posted without any comment here, so do check the appropriate section for up-to-date information.

12 December - Results in for rest of yesterday's games. Tables updated.

11 December - The penultimate Wednesday games of 2019 and the start of the second half of the season. Doesn't time fly?

Duke of York v Kings Z postponed subject to confirmation.

10.30pm - results coming in now.

8 December - The penultimate Sunday matches for 2019 tonight. I am still waiting for Allstars to come back to me to tell me whether or not they are continuing this season. No show tonight could result in them being withdrawn.

I have been informed that Allstars were a no show for a fourth time in four weeks. Three of these were league matches so they are definitely out if they miss another one.

10.20pm - most results in now, may get an early night!

5 December - Results in for all matches now, a lot of 6-1 scores! Possible postponement Horse & Groom v Allstars Z to be determined.

4 December - Results online later as usual.

Will try to get the Cup draws sorted by next week, one less thing to worry about over Christmas.

1 December - Three more matches now until the Christmas break for both Sunday and Wednesday.

Results online as received, as usual.

10pm, results coming in now. No show from Allstars again. Will try and find out if they are continuing.

28 November - Results in for all matches now.

27 November - Cup and Plate matches tonight. Results online as received. Horse & Groom A v C score from Sunday corrected to 3-2.

11pm - all but one score in now. Couple of close matches in the Plate tonight.

24 November - Team Cup tonight, results online as received.

10pm - results coming in now. Allstars are a no-show again. Hope this isn't a long term problem.

10.25 - All results in now.

21 November - Scores in for all matches and most results submitted as well. Also, the addition seems a lot better this week!

20 November - Results and tables online as received again tonight (up to 11pm).

18 November - Scores in for all matches, tables updated.

17 November - Results are online as received by 11pm.

14 November - All but one result notification in so far, so scores in for all matches. Close games last night, only the Clifton/Exeter Snooker Club B game managed not to finish 4-3 (or 3-4)!

13 November - A new update on the Half Moon saga. The captain has informed me that they are arranging to play the rest of the season from the Duke of York, Sidwell Street and will change their name accordingly. Hopefully this will be confirmed tonight, with fixtures updated to suit. (11pm - Venue and change of name confirmed).

Tonight's results and tables online as received.

Could all teams please make sure they add up the legs properly. I am using what is on the score card per game, not what you put in the total box in a lot of cases.

10 November - Sunday and Wednesday Team Cup and Wednesday Plate draws now online. Sunday Plate will be drawn after the Team Cup matches on 24 November.

Results in for all games by 10.30 tonight (although not from all teams).

7 November - Scores in for all matches this Wednesday although not all results yet. Tables updated.

Hopefully get some sense on the Team Cup and Plate draws soon, not holding my breath on the latter.

6 November - The Half Moon will be playing from the Lucombe Oak unless there is a clash with the existing Lucombe Oak team, like this evening. The Half Moon v Allstars A fixture has been reversed tonight, along with the later fixture on 5 February. All fixture clashes will be sorted and opposition teams notified in good time as to what is happening.

Two teams have fallen foul of Rule 20 by not submitting results. A game has been deducted in each case. Correct details on the tables page.

The Competitions Secretary is presently out of action. The Cup draws will hopefully follow by the weekend as soon as the committee cobble something together.

Tonight's results and table updates as received as usual.

4 November - A result was received for each match last night so tables are up to date. Still a couple of teams yet to submit a result for last night but overall the system is working, both on Sunday and Wednesday.

3 November - Tonight's results as they arrive.

31 October - Result submitted for each match now, tables updated.

30 October - Have requested the draws for the next round of the Sunday and Wednesday Team Cup. Should hopefully get both soon, as well as the first round of the Wednesday Plate.

Tonight's results online as received.

29 October - After consideration, the two outstanding Wednesday results that were subject to possible postponements have now been both awarded as per Rule 12. Tables have been adjusted accordingly.

27 October - Second Sunday league matches this evening. Tables will be online from tonight onwards.

Results coming in now. Updates until 11pm-ish. A result in for all matches now.

24 October - 6pm, all but one result received for last night's cup games.

9.30pm, found the missing score lurking in the junk emails!

23 October - Wednesday Team Cup matches tonight. Results as received.

20 October - Start of Sunday league games today. Results online as received.

17 October - Results in for all games now. Will attempt to confirm position with "postponed" games from recent weeks over the next couple of days.

16 October - The Half Moon appears to be shut at present. Will update when more news is received.

Updates will go online as received up until around 11pm.

14 October - Results in for both Sunday Cup prelims.

11 October - Last result in for games played although not all scores in yet (10.15pm). Tables updated.

10 October - Most results now in and tables updated.

9 October - Back to the season proper now. Results/tables will be updated as scores come in.

6 October - Sunday Team Cup prelims next week with their league commencing the following week.

Team listings updates where necessary, think I got them all.

26 September - Results in for all games except one which we will confirm whether it is postponed soon.

The Bowling Green team on Sunday is moving to the Heart of Oak for whatever reason and will operate as the Heart of Oak. Fixtures have been amended.

25 September - Results now beginning to come in, updates until around 11pm tonight.

24 September - A reminder that the Presentation Night is on Wednesday 2 October at the Wonford Inn, commencing 7.45pm.

20 September - Last results in although not all teams have submitted scores yet (8.30pm).

19 September - More Wednesday results online.

18 September - As I am unable to get to the Clifton to see if there are any "missing signature" forms or extra signings I haven't been notified about, I will take all names listed in the team lists as 'cleared to play'. All extras I have been notified about are listed.

Results now coming in, updates until 11pm.

16 September - Was informed today that only one St Anne's Well team have moved to the Half Moon (division 1 team). The other team (division 2) is staying put at the St Anne's Well. Hopefully there will be no further changes to the fixtures!

15 September - Our Competitions Secretary has surpassed himself and produced the Wednesday Team Cup first round draw for 23 October. It is up on the Wednesday and Competition fixtures pages. We will remind everyone a bit nearer the date as well.

12 September - Result received for all four Prelim matches, three from winning teams and one from a losing side with three to the correct email address. Not so important for Cup results but must be correct for the league. You will be warned once!

11 September - New season has commenced. Only one result in from the Prelims so far, results updated online.

10 September - One day to go until the new season! Hopefully everyone received their emails with the Cup prelim draw so know if they are playing or not. All info has been online for two or three weeks anyway

Website is behaving better now after a few tweaks. Still working on the New Registration page though, so please email me if there are any new signings. A reminder that any "missing signature" forms are due back before the start of games, not seen any so far.

Team contact email list has been updated and all addresses should now be working.

5 September - Counting down to the new season now. Wednesday Team Cup Prelims next week (11 September). Fixtures are on the fixtures and competitions pages.

Team lists are now accessible via the contacts pages or the relevant day's pages. The online "New Registration notification" form will go up when I can get it to work! Hopefully this will not be too long.

20 August - Owing to the St Annes Well licencees moving to the Half Moon at Whipton, the pool teams have followed suit and will now be known as the Half Moon A and B teams. The Wednesday Fixtures Key download has been updated to reflect this. The online fixtures have been updated as well.

Wednesday and Sunday Team Cup prelim draws now online.

7 August - Despite a lot of testing, the website is not working quite as expected. Phone, Tablet, desktop and even different browsers are doing totally different things, not what was supposed to happen. The basics are working in most cases so we will stick with it for the present and try and coerce it into working as anticipated.

6 August - A slightly different website look for the new season. Everything is where it was apart from the team details which are now accessible from the relevant day as well as from the Contacts pages.

The info/fixture packs are being distributed this week. Hopefully every venue should receive them by the weekend.

Older news items have now been moved to another page which should help speed up loading this page. For older News items click here if you need to check on anything. Covers March 2019 to end of July 2019.