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24 August - More updates

23 August - More updates online. Please ensure all outstanding games are completed as soon as possible. The following results are still outstanding.
Division 1
4 JUNE Winchester A v Kings Z
9 JULY Heavitree Social Club A v Winchester A
16 JULY Winchester A v Clifton Inn A
23 JULY Clifton Inn A v Devon Yeoman
Winchester A v Thatched House A
20 AUG Devon Yeoman v Winchester A
Kings Z v Clifton A
Division 2
20 AUG Wonford v Kings A
Division 3
18 JUNE Duke of York v Stoke Arms result pending
13 AUG Stoke Arms v Duke of York
20 AUG Exeter Snooker Club A v Wells Tavern

1 JUNE Crown & Sceptre B v Horse & Groom
27 JULY Crown & Sceptre B v Duke of York A
3 AUG Exeter Inn B v Crown & Sceptre B

17 August - Latest updates online.

12 August -Updates three days in a row! Sunday results updated and top of table confirmed. Many thanks to all who took part in our experimental Sunday league - it seems to have been a success and will be back next summer although it will cost you next time.

11 August - Quick update to Sunday having received a couple of cards last night. Still not 100% certain who is going to be second until we receive last night's cards.

10 August - Last Sunday games tonight, still three possible teams for second place. Thanks to all who registered last Wednesday, if you have not done so please contact us asap to get things sorted.

3 August - Still rather a lot of cards missing. The AGM is this Wednesday at the Clifton Inn from 7.30pm. Winter registration will be straight after the AGM.

27 July - Even less cards received than last week other than a backlog of old cards! Only one proposal from the pre-Agm which is to limit the number of games a team can postpone during a season. We are in the process of getting some result cards printed. In the meantime there is a cards pdf downloadable via the contacts page.

20 July - Latest updates online - not a lot of cards received for last week! You should all have received forms for the winter by this afternoon. If you haven't please let me know asap.

14 July - Crown & Sceptre (Wednesday Div 3) now confirmed as withdrawn. Tables and fixtures have been adjusted accordingly.

13 July - Latest updates online. We are still awaiting clarification as to the Crown & Sceptre Wednesday team. Will advise as soon as we hear. Paperwork for the winter is now available online (see Quick Links). The Pre-AGM will be held at the Clifton Inn, Wednesday 23 July from 6.45pm and the AGM will also be at the Clifton Inn, Wednesday 6 August from 7.30pm. Registration will be directly after the AGM.

6 July - Latest updates online

29 June - Latest updates online. Crown and Sceptre (Wed 3) seem to be having problems with their team. Will try to find out what is happening and whether they are continuing.

23 June - Too busy biking yesterday whilst we have some summer. Latest updates now online. There seem to be a few results missing recently, please try to get the cards in on time. Winter registration forms will be going out soon as we are only six weeks from the AGM!

17 June - Slightly late this week owing to a lack of cards until tonight. Leagues and team lists updated. The Queens Head team (Wed 1) have relocated to the Devon Yeoman - effective immediately. Will confirm if they are changing their name as well.

8 June - Latest updates online. Presentation Night this Wednesday - details below.

1 June - Weekly updates online. Don't forget the League Presentation Night - from 7.30pm on Wednesday 11 June at the Clifton Inn including food and a casino night with a cash prize for the biggest winner on the casino.

25 May - Latest updates online.

18 May - Updates for Sunday and Wednesday online including tables.

12 May - First update for the summer.

7 May - 10.30 pm - Hope the first Wednesday games have gone well, no phone calls which is a good sign.
The Archives and A-Z guide have now been updated and tidied up.
Just to clarify things for Sunday - the match format is the same as the usual Winter format (3 singles then 2 doubles, 7.30 start) and not as appeared on the very first fixture list. You should all have the correct version by now.

6 May - Team lists now up and should be kept up to date when new registrations come in. I am working on the archives but they should be up soon.

1 May - Having delivered all but one set of fixtures etc (that's for a Sunday team) here finally is the new Summer Website. Please note that the archives and team info pages are not up yet but will be by next Wednesday.

24 April - Owing to a mix up (not my fault) there is now an extra team in Wednesday Division One and therefore the fixture list has been altered. The link to the right now goes to the corrected version. Website updates are being restarted.

23 April - Summer fixtures are now available to download (see to right) if you have not received an email with them. The website will be updated soon (a slow process).