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Please note that sometimes there are result updates posted without any comment here, so do check the appropriate section for up-to-date information.

Pool continues to be suspended at present. Hopefully all our venues will be able to open sometime soon so we can complete the season, especially the Sunday Cup and Plate.

15 June - No new info at present, just trying some things to bring the workings of the website up to date a bit more and do some online testing. It should end up working a lot better on mobiles if all goes well.

Quite a few bits broken, hopefully I can fix it all before we properly need the website again!

31 May - Just to let you know that we are still here and will leap into action so we can finish the season off as soon as we have some pubs to play in. Hopefully every pub in the league will be able to open again sometime soon.

What happens with the Competitions will depend on when the pubs are open again.

18 March - Wednesday Final tables adjusted with all penalties for late cards applied. This has had no effect on the final positions so a rethink may be in order for next season. In tests, ignoring games and frames scored when result not submitted had no effect either and a penalty of a point deduction affected the bottom of Division One only. Sunday has not had the penalties applied as there is no change again and most of the penalties apply to the bottom club anyway.

16 March - Final result in and Horse & Groom A have taken second place. N.B. Table now corrected!

15 March - Final matches tonight and things could go any way with the top four playing each other and all four games affecting final league positions.

Results online as received as usual.

Breaking News! In light of the present situation with Covid-19 and the possibility of pubs being closed we have decided to suspend things for the time being. This will affect the Sunday Cup Final and Plate semis and final as well as the Competitions. Amended dates for everything will be advised when the situation is a bit clearer.

11.20pm - Railway Club are top of the league. Second place still uncertain as no result in for that match yet.

14 March - After a query this morning we would like to point out that unless pubs are shut by covid-19 regulations, we will be playing the final Sunday league games tomorrow and hopefully the Cup and Plate matches in the following two weeks. Competitions are scheduled for 1 April at present but will be postponed or cancelled if necessary.

13 March - It was intended to launch into the Competitions next Wednesday (18 March). With the uncertainty caused by covid-19 we have decided to postpone things until Wednesday 1 April for now. Fixtures will be going online as soon as the website can be sorted and hopefully circumstances will allow us to commence in a couple of weeks. We will keep you all informed of any changes to the schedule if necessary.

12 March - Result in for the Wednesday Plate Final, Heavitree Social Club A beat Horse & Groom.

Hope to get details for the various competitions soon. Will be online when received.

10 March - Results in for all games now. All to play for next week at the top.

8 March - Penultimate league games tonight. Still very close at the top. Updates online as received.

10.30pm - results trickling in now.

7 March - Cup entries now updated and in the hands of the Competitions Secretary. Competition details to follow when he has got his head around it all.

5 March - Oops! Correct scores for the Plate now online

Wednesday Plate Final and Sunday Cup and Plate details now online.

4 March - Result in for the Team Cup and Allstars A have completed the League and Cup double. Plate scores online is received before 11pm.

1 March - Updates on what is happening with the competitions will follow later in the week. If you have not yet contacted us about your entry for the competitions, you have until midnight tonight.

Tonight's updates online as received

29 February - Cup entries received to date are now online. Some entries are subject to the fees being ready for collection this afternoon. Numbers are up on last year if all entries confirmed.

Sunday singles still not looking too good. We have seven probable entries so far. We were looking at a minimum of sixteen to make it viable. Will confirm whether we go ahead in the next week.

28 February - Final Wednesday result in and tables updated

27 february - Top two in both divisions now confirmed, Allstars A and Kings Z in division one and Stowey Arms and Heart of Oak A in division two. Just awaiting Duke of York v Devon Yeoman result to wrap up the Wednesday league season.

Please get in touch if you haven't got your competition entries in yet, the cut-off point will be this Sunday!

26 February - Last Wednesday league games tonight. Division One fairly well decided but Division Two runners up still open to three teams, so all to play for.

Late updates tonight, suddenly realised that the email program wasn't updating so switched computers again. Things still not confirmed yet as a couple of results not in yet. Lot of top teams losing tonight though!

23 February - Back on the back-up machines again tonight. Good job everything is on Google Drive!

Three or four games left now, still tight at the top.

Three of the four scores in now (10.20), updates online.

Score for last game in now (10.45), so I can have an early night for a change.

20 February - Results in for all but one match. They have both tried to submit a score but failed for whatever reason. Will get the updates online as soon as I receive them.

19 February - Penultimate Wednesday league games tonight with it still tight in both divisions for the second place.

11pm - results in so far online.

16 February - Main computer out of action today, hopefully the backup systems will work. Updates online as received as usual.

Results for all games in now, early night for a change!

13 February - Results in for all games now, tables updated.

12 February - Latest macOS update seems to have caused havoc to my email program so will monitor results via my PC or tablet tonight to make sure I see all the incoming scores. Sunday Plate score now updated.

10.15pm -- Result starting to come in now.

9 February - Cup and Plate games tonight. Results online as soon as they are received.

6 February - Rest of the results in now, tables updated correctly now as an error showed up in the results spreadsheet.

5 February - Venues confirmed for all Cup and Plate matches now. See fixtures pages for details.

Allstars Z have been disqualified from the Wednesday Team Cup for fielding an ineligible player at their Semi-final match on 22 January. The game has been awarded to the Wonford Inn and they will meet Allstars A in the final on Wednesday 4 March at the Devon Yeoman.

Tonight's results online as received. Would have been quicker if the email program was working properly!

3 February - Sunday Cup venues confirmed as Railway Club St Thomas and Heart of Oak.

Results in for all Sunday games, tables updated.

2 February - Cup venues for next week's Sunday team cup are being confirmed today. The Wednesday Team Plate semis draw is now online (venues to be confirmed). There will be an announcement about the Wednesday Team Cup final when details have been confirmed.

We are looking to hold an Individuals Competition to be played on Sunday nights after the season ends. This will be open to all Sunday and Wednesday players and should hopefully appeal to those prospective players either unable or unwilling to play in the main competitions held on Wednesdays. Whether or not we go ahead will depend on the number of entries, but we are hopeful. No Sunday doubles this season though. Sunday competition form available from the Useful forms download section on this page.

League updates tonight as received.

30 January - Results in for all matches now. Tables updated.

29 January - Bit late starting tonight, moral is:- system updates will always take twice as long as expected. League updates online as received.

10.15pm - results trickling in now.

26 January - Sunday league still very tight at the top with four or five teams still in the race.

10.30pm - Still tight as no team seems to want to win.

10.45pm - Maybe not! Other two games weren't draws. Top of the table still very tight though.

23 January - Last result now in.

22 January - Wednesday Team Cup and Plate tonight. Updates as received.

9.45pm, results coming in now.

11pm, results in for all but one match tonight.

19 January - Updates as results received this evening.

18 January - Final result crept in just before midnight last night. Tables updated.

The Competitions entry form is now available for download (from this page). Forms and fees will be collected at the Clifton Inn on Friday 21 February from around 7pm. Competitions to hopefully commence Wednesday 18 March.

Scores in for all matches now.

16 January - All but one score received so far and most result emails too.

15 January - Venues for the Wednesday Cup semis now sorted, Wonford v Allstars Z at Village Inn and Allstars A v Exeter Snooker Club A at the Kings.

Competition entry forms will be available by the weekend. There was talk of splitting the competitions into separate Sunday and Wednesday events but this has been rejected for the time being.

10.15pm - first three results in already.

12 January - Second half of the Sunday season commences tonight. Still all to play for as nobody is running away with the league.

10.30pm - result coming in now, updates as received.

11.10pm - results in for all games now.

9 January - 7.30am Most results in now. Morning main update as few results in last night by 11pm.

6pm - A result now in for all matches.

8 January - Wednesday games back again. Results online as received.

10.07 first result online.

5 January - Today marks halfway through the Sunday league fixtures. Results online when received as usual.

1 January 2020 - Happy New Year!

25 December - A very Merry Christmas to all players and licencees from all at Exeter Pool League.

20 December - Results in for all matches now. Tables updated.

Team Cup and Plate draws are now online. Venues still to be decided for the Cup Semis.

18 December - Final games of the year tonight. Should hopefully have the draws for the Sunday and Wednesday Team Cup and Plate by the weekend.

Updates to results and tables as received tonight.

17 December - Result in today for last Sunday game. Tables updated.

15 December - Still not had a definitive answer from Allstars. If they fail to show tonight then they will be removed from the league.

Updates to results and tables as received.

8pm - Have been informed that Allstars were a no-show again so they are now removed from the Sunday League. Tables and fixtures have been adjusted.

12 December - Results in for rest of yesterday's games. Tables updated.

11 December - The penultimate Wednesday games of 2019 and the start of the second half of the season. Doesn't time fly?

Duke of York v Kings Z postponed subject to confirmation.

10.30pm - results coming in now.

8 December - The penultimate Sunday matches for 2019 tonight. I am still waiting for Allstars to come back to me to tell me whether or not they are continuing this season. No show tonight could result in them being withdrawn.

I have been informed that Allstars were a no show for a fourth time in four weeks. Three of these were league matches so they are definitely out if they miss another one.

10.20pm - most results in now, may get an early night!

5 December - Results in for all matches now, a lot of 6-1 scores! Possible postponement Horse & Groom v Allstars Z to be determined.

4 December - Results online later as usual.

Will try to get the Cup draws sorted by next week, one less thing to worry about over Christmas.

1 December - Three more matches now until the Christmas break for both Sunday and Wednesday.

Results online as received, as usual.

10pm, results coming in now. No show from Allstars again. Will try and find out if they are continuing.

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