Welcome to the Summer 2015 website

26 July - Updates online although I only have half the Wednesday cards so far.

19 July - Latest updates online. We are now into the second half of the season already with things tight on all three divisions. Winter forms will be available in a couple of weeks by which time I hope to find out where the AGM will be held this year.

14 July - Updates tonight having picked up several cards and also finding out that there were errors with the Wednesday Division Two fixtures. The fixtures are now correct. Apologies for any confusion and thanks to all who pointed out the error.

12 July - Forgot to pick up any cards yesterday so another update likely later.

5 July - Latest updates online. Still trying to track down rather a lot of missing cards from early June. If anyone can supply the missing scores I would be grateful.

28 June - Latest updates online.

21 June - Back to Sunday update.

15 June - Finally back so latest updates online.

7 June - Latest updates online with Wednesday division one better but still missing results. League Presentation Night this Wednesday, details below.
Please note that I am on holiday this week and will not be available again until next weekend.

31 May - Latest updates and tables online. Wednesday division one results still a bit sparse. A reminder that the League Presentation Night is on Wednesday 10 June at the Wonford Club from 7.15pm.

24 May - Latest updates online. Still missing a lot of cards from the first games. Would like them so that the tables will make sense. Several extra signings on the team info pages.

17 May - Updates online although I forgot to collect any cards on Saturday so results are a bit sparse at present.

10 May - The new (old really) website is now up. It should be better for viewing on a phone. Various paperwork and cards will be delivered over the next couple of days.

3 May - A couple more updates and the fixtures for the summer are now up.